We English are usually a welcoming bunch……When we get visitors, we’re inclined to bake a cake, hang out bunting and wave little flags on sticks.

In Yorkshire however, visitors are greeted by the corpses of rats hanging on barbed wire fences.

‘Welcome to Yorkshire’…….It’s a quaint little place.

Still, If you do manage to look around for a few days without being murdered in your sleep, there are a few rather beautiful things to point a camera at.

Were it anywhere else in the world, this place might rejoice in the name ‘Diamond Falls’ or maybe ‘The Crystal Cascade’…Sadly it’s in Yorkshire, so it’s called ‘Mallyan Spout’… SPOUT !! I ask you !

Yorkshire ! Ockered ‘n’ Ockstrockerlous just fer the sake of it !

Mallyan Spout... Nikon D5000

Mallyan Spout…
Nikon D5000


Both shots were handheld at around 1/15th of a second. Just slow enough to get a little water blur.


Mallyan Spout Nikon D5000

I’m not sure if I like the Square crop or the landscape format the most.

Give them a click to see them full size….What do you think?

Oh, I just remembered something….My Grandad used to say that the Devil went to Yorkshire to buy a hat, but left because the women made him nervous……Ha ha!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde





  1. scillagrace

    Very lush “spout” at that. I like the square one; more magical lighting. And the RATS…wow. I gotta admit, I laughed. But they seem to be missing their characteristically ratty tails…are you sure they’re not moles?


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        You can see them, huddled in a circle in the neighbouring field can’t you?
        ‘Nope…Not on your nellie’
        ‘Nor me…I’m stayin’ ere’
        ‘You’d ‘ave to be mad to go over there young Eric’
        ‘But Lads…Look how green the grass is on the other side of the fence…….’

        Poor, Brave Eric……

      2. Helen Cherry

        I agree Priscilla they are indeed moles.. Honestly these townies know nothing ! They make for a great photo Stuart. My apologies for being so absent.. I have been sneaking looks but not commenting.. your photography goes from strength to strength.
        Love your new Avatar ( well new to me ) most handsome and with a finely defined eyebrow! Oh and just one other small point… your My Pals list needs amending… ahem !!

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hurrah…I wondered where you’d been…
        That pals list is random and constantly changing by the way…I cant control it…
        But be not afraid, your gorgeous mush showed up only a few days ago…

  2. bluerock {aka debrazone}

    I love the composition of the square format, but the landscape format offers more of a sense of scale; the Spout’s relationship to its surroundings. Both are wonderful… looks like a beautiful place.


  3. benrowef64

    I spent many summers of my youth on the north yorkshire moors and loved it, never saw any eats hanging but did see a few falls and many rivers. I am impressed with the exposure but with a wide enough lens it could be manageable. Nice shots.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I’m glad you survived Ben… 🙂
      Thanks for popping in, I’m glad you like the shots…All three were taken with a Sigma 18-250mm. It’s a really good ‘travelling lens’…It can cope with 90% of the situations you might find yourself in, though what use it would be if you found yourself being chased by a ruddy faced Yorkshire farmer with a big stick and a roll of barbed wire I don’t know.


  4. Ann

    So when I first landed on this post I thought, “weird photo – looks just like dessicated rodents hanging on a barbed-wire fence.” Thought maybe it was dirty socks or something. Not sure I’d want to meet the…er…creator of this…er…fixture. You should consider submitting this image to the Yorkshire Tourism Association for inclusion in their next tourist information brochure.


  5. Emilio Pasquale

    Women ALWAYS make me nervous. And I always say, the only good rat is a dead rat. But I wouldn’t advertise my infestation by hanging their carcasses on a fence. Maybe its to scare the other rats? Oh, and your “spout” is a beauty. I prefer the square crop only because the lighting shows better!


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