I posted shots of one of the Whitby piers a few days ago, but, as photographic subjects go, piers at dusk aren’t to be sneezed at.

So…A second post.

Whitby’s two piers on two separate evenings shot from the two sides of the harbour…. I even used two lenses, (a Pentax 50mm prime and a Pentax 28mm prime), AND two films…..!

Had I been wearing a tutu the theme would have been complete…But there was far too much of a chill in the air and I hadn’t shaved my legs…

I wore a ‘Onesie’…

Even Mr Shpics, The Most sartorially informed of adventure-photographers, knows to put comfort before fashion.

Click any image to open the gallery…..I really like the way the expired film has just slightly cooled and skewed the colours.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      That’s fighting talk Sue……
      54 is the new 21 didn’t you know?

      And …It is a VERY macho kinda ‘onesie’ with pockets for string, penknives, compasses, Kendal mint cake, contraceptives and hair gel…..
      (I was never in the scouts but I follow their ethos)..


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