A very quick post this morning.

Things are somewhat tense at Shpics Mansions…We have a livestock infestation issue necessitating a cull.

Now before anyone decides to get up a petition to stop us going ahead I should obviously explain… Our three, (very fluffy) Persian Exotic housecats have, it seems, invited some fleas to move into their under-carriages…

Neither your host, the thick skinned and obviously not very tasty Mr Shpics, or the much more delicious Mrs Shpics who has been well nibbled in the night, is at all happy.

So, we are busy spraying the whole house, washing every item of clothing, flea-crunching and cat-bathing. Blogging is not a priority when there are insects to murder.


Bottom of the Spout

Bottom of the Spout

So..A quick pic, (digital) from the the bottom of Mallyan Spout which I showed you a few days ago.

I felt I needed a stiff one on the rocks… Give it a click to see it full size.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      We have rodents in the flat roof space over the East wing, but we’re rather fond of those….You can here them trampling about above the morning room while we sup tea and eat kippers, (I swear they’re wearing clogs)…..
      Cat fleas are another thing entirely…Each and every one is going to die a painful death. How dare they nibble my wife’s nether-end.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      They were nasty little Basta*ds, though for some reason they didn’t like me……
      Anyway the good news is that my flea-ocide was total and absolute.
      On a related note, I read today that it is thought that malaria is soon going to be eradicated.
      Scientists have created a Franken-squito that only produces male young, thus guaranteeing the end of the mosquito within (I think) only a few generations…
      Surely this could be rolled out to the flea population as well.
      Not that I wish to end all life on the planet…..just crawly buzzy bitey things…(and boy-bands).


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Seriously for a minute…Malaria doesn’t check your bank balance.
        A lady I know very nearly pegged it two years ago, a few months after a trip to the Far East…Vaccinated up to the eyeballs and with malaria tablets taken exactly as recommended…It’s yet another disease that is starting to wise up to our (very expensive) preventative measures.. I know statistically she’s not the norm, but everyone, not just the poor, would be better off in a malaria free world.
        I’m all for eradicating poverty, but, even with the best will in the world ( a will that is anything but in the ascendant), that’s kind of a long term plan…if there are other more practical ways to stop a killer disease right now, then bring on the Franken-squito…
        And I know this might be a tad controversial, but if it could be engineered to wipe out Boy-Bands then surely it’s doubly worth the risk?

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