The simplest of things can cheer you up…….

Truth be told, the last few days in Shpics Kingdom have been completely and utterly shite……But, when your somewhat depressed hero ventured into the grounds and found himself under these skies, he almost did a jig.

Give any one a click to open the gallery.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



  1. OdesIsPro

    ahhh the clouds. Still love to look at them and see what I see in the clouds, To bad our fog right now makes that impossible! Thanks its been days since I have seen a real sky!


  2. scillagrace

    The Wisconsin skies have been a wall of solid gray for more than a week. Air shows – cancelled. Fireworks at the opening of Summerfest? Cancelled. Electricians plunged us into further gloom for the last 2 days while our circuitry is updated to this century. Thanks for showing me that the world is not my patch of sky!


  3. V-Light

    😀 Crazy clouds…Looks like a sea of waves in the sky! Beautiful non the less! When depressed, nature and it’s beauty can always find a way to cheer us up if only we keep our eyes open.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey there Alex.
      That cloud only shot made me think waterfall as soon as I saw it and now I can’t see anything else..:-)
      And yes you’re right …If you’re down in the dumps 90% of the time a quick burst of nature will always sort you out…(and there’s always Seven Star Metaxa for the other 10%).
      I tried a doggy bag the other day for some flower heads but I’m afraid I failed..It didn’t let enough light through…I’m going to try with some different plastic.
      I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


      1. V-Light

        I can absolutely see the waterfall 😀 I was close enough, you cannot deny it 😛

        About the doggy bag, you did cut a hole in the middle of the lens, didn’t you? 😛 The whole point of this method is to leave the uneven sides of the hole cover up some parts of your image and it creates that hazy and vintage looking light-streak effect.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hi Alex…
        Yeah, the hole worked but the crumpled plastic around the sides was too thick so cut out too much light…even with the lens wide open,(1.4) the line was too definite..
        I suppose if you’re picking up shit you want a decent thickness but for artistic light diffusion you need something more delicate.

      3. V-Light

        Oh i see, then yes the doggy bags will not work. Maybe the food bags will do after all 🙂 They are very thin but you won’t find colorful ones i guess…Unless they do exist and that would mean they are trying to tell us that our food is no better than dog poo 😛

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        My experience of Greek cuisine is limited but VERY favourable…….My own cooking is a definite risk area however……..This morning I attempted scrambled eggs and though they were good enough for me, had there been guests involved, I would have been reaching for the poo bags….
        Still, I can’t be brilliant at everything I suppose..

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