When here in Spain, Baza is our nearest city….. though with less than 25.000 inhabitants of which a good proportion still work the land, you’re going to be disappointed if you’re looking for ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll’…..I’m more of a ‘Kiss on the Cheek,(face of  course), Vino and Flamenco’ kinda guy and I love it…(but each to his own).

It goes back a bit…..Settled in pre-historic times it was subsequently founded as a city by the Iberians in the 4th century B.C. and named Basti. The Romans stuck with the name and at one point it had a good 50,000 inhabitants and was one of three main Granadan cities. Very little of its former splendour is extant, but the back streets of the Moorish old town are an atmospheric place to walk in the early evening, and the seasoned adventurer can still unearth the occasional gem.

Strewn with broken beer bottles...A single piece of graffiti on one of the old Alcazaba pillars is currently the only sign that anyone loves this place.....

Strewn with broken beer bottles…A single, strangely beautiful, piece of graffiti on one of the old Alcazaba pillars is currently the only sign that anyone loves this place…..

The old Moorish Alcazaba, really needs to be searched for…A few bits of wall and an occasional watchtower are dotted around the town, while a single, tiny, ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ sign, points to the ‘Antigua Alcazaba’, the last (sadly unloved) bit of pillared courtyard.

At first, it seems hardly worth picking through the broken glass and dog shit, but give it a few moments…… squint a little and imagine the sound of water playing in the long dry fountain, and then above it all. the musical call of the Muezzin……Yeah, now you get it, worth the climb..


‘Tit House’….Don’t blame me, that’s what it says on the English version of the tourist information plaque.

My own favourite tourist attraction, ‘Tit House’…………Honestly, you couldn’t make it up…… Strange people the Spanish.

But attractions aside, the old town is positively dripping atmosphere, and in the early evening when the colours soften, every inch is a photo opportunity.

Old town backstreet....Who stapled clouds to the wall?

Old town backstreet….Who stapled clouds to the wall?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. scillagrace

    You seem to have captured art in time…changing. Thank you for loving it back into existence for me. And “Tit House” seems apt, really. Is frankness a Spanish or Moorish trait, do you suppose?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Certainly pretty apt in this instance……Though definitely Spanish not Moorish…..The Tourist Board information plaque takes great pleasure in informing the reader that the ‘tits’ are plastic…..Those Moors were quite ingenious but not equipped with the wherewithal for plastic eroti-sculpture… Shame really, I reckon the Alcazaba might still be standing had it been decorated with polypropylene hooters and the occasional polyethylene knob..


  2. Emilio Pasquale

    Oh grow up, the two of you! I was going to compliment you, Stuart, on your photos but now, I’m just too embarrassed. I feel like I should be sending you both to your rooms but I’m afraid of what you might do behind closed doors!


      1. Emilio Pasquale

        Sometimes that’s what makes life worth living! A bit of perversion. Glad I could help!

  3. V-Light

    Great post 🙂 You did some good exploring there, i’d like to see more! This is place is really unique but 😆 Tit house? Really??? Maybe there’s a….ehm… “Penis house”, as well?…


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