I’m still a sucker for the childhood/cannabis user pastime of seeing the shapes in clouds…..Elephants, Lions, Castles and those little, intricate pieces of metal used for threading cotton through needles, you see those all the time, (at least I do), but Guitars?

I was rushing to set up for a late evening panorama shot from the patio wall….The sky had been cloudless and a little flat for most of the day so I was desperate to get the shot while the cloud cover lasted. Six shots, handheld, balanced on a chair…No wonder I didn’t notice the two aerial guitars until the shots were in the bag.

I’ve got a nagging memory flopping around in the back of my head, that some band back in the seventies used an idea a little like the header shot as album art…But, for the life of me I can’t pin it down.

Anyhow, clouds aside, a panorama of what is essentially the Shpics backgarden.  Do give it a click as it really does look a damn sight better in its own sooper-dooper window.

Looking East from Cortijo Del Cura.

Looking East from Cortijo Del Cura.

And…..Just in case you don’t believe I was balanced on a chair….


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Emilio Pasquale

    Love that image but no way would I have trusted that chair. Anyway, I Googled “sky guitars”, “album art with guitars”, and “cloud guitars”. The only thing of interest I came up with was a female nude lying on a cloud. I decided not to share the link in deference to Mrs Hyde!.


      1. Emilio Pasquale

        What a description. Forgive me for what I’m imagining right now. But you must be talking a cello, correct? Her legs draped around a cello?

  2. V-Light

    The sky must have been in a rock n roll mood that day 🙂 Love it! The panoramic view is amazing! 😀 Must be really relaxing to stay in a place like this…Hope you are enjoying your time there 😀


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