The last post for a while…..We are busy packing the charabanc with spare knickers, booze and chocolate, in preparation for a few days in the mountains.

One thing the Altiplano has in spades are mountains…It’s surrounded by the ruddy things…To the North the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierrra de las Cabras, to the West the Sierra de Castril, to the East the Sierra de Espuna and Sierra de Maria-Los Velez and to the South the Sierra de Baza….So if you want mountains, drive for 45 minutes in any direction and your bang in the middle of’em…

We’re going North, skirting the Castril range, then heading high into the Cazorlas via Quesada. A night just outside Cazorla town, then on for a couple of nights more in Ubeda and Baeza, the Renaissance jewels of Jaen province.

I will of course be pointing my camera at all and sundry along the way, so hopefully, in just a few days time I will be able to show you summat new. Wish us luck!

In the meantime a few more random Altiplano landscapes, all shot from early to late evening while we wait for dinnertime. (In Spain it is a serious crime to properly tuck in before 10.00pm….Thank God for tapas).

So….A gallery for you.

We’re ‘On our marks…We’ve got set…We’re GONE!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Tanya 🙂
      The smog of Wolverhampton/rains of Marston await, along with a daily commutes in wet motorcycle leathers for the pair of us…..
      We’re making the best of it while we can.


  1. V-Light

    Beautiful photos and charming little clouds 😀 It really looks like you are in the middle of nowhere. Are there any houses near by? Enjoy your trip and we’ll be patiently waiting for more photos!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      No houses for about 5 miles in one direction, but a cluster of a few dozen in the other…..If you fancy feeling like you’re lost in the wilderness you just need to remember which way to face 🙂
      Photos from the trip are yet to be downloaded but watch this space 😉


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