Safely back from our roller coaster journey around the occasionally daunting Seguro Park…..

The steepest roads I’ve ever driven were in the coastal hill towns of Madeira…1 in 4 !!! I kid you not. Never trust a Garmin Satnav in Madeira, they are programmed to kill you….But the Seguros’ roads, particularly  around Cazorla were themselves pretty scarey, not just steep, but narrow and very, VERY twisty, luckily both myself and the occasionally high-pitched Mrs Shpics were well supplied with clean under-garments.

So, numerous knicker-changes aside, your intrepid host threw caution to the winds and managed to take more than a few photos of what we found along the way.

Lots of photos then…., and between the two of us Dear Reader, after downloading/ filing/ post processing etc. I simply can’t be arsed putting them into any sort of order or grouping them by theme…..I’ve just chucked’em in the air and let’em fall as they please.

Click any pic to open a gallery view.



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. V-Light

    Excellent collection! 😀 The panorama is my favorite of course. The scenery there looks so wild, i could imagine that not many people go there. You are one adventurous man my friend 😀 Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us!


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