Now I know I told you that my pics from our expedition into the mountains of the Seguro park were going to be presented willy-nilly styleee, but I’ve realised there I’ve enough shots from the precariously placed hill town of Cazorla to warrant them all being lumped together.

It’s quite an extra-ordinarily breath-taking place…Two separate castles loom high over it’s streets, which themselves are clinging for dear life to the steep, easterly facing, slopes of the mountain…

The shot up at the header is not typical of the town, (it was one of only two bits of graffiti I saw), but it seemed suitable… The whole time we were there I felt like my eyes were on sticks.

All of the shots were handheld using my D5000….I really should have used my tripod as I had to push the iso a little too far on the dawn pics.  Ah well, I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. suej

    Love that first image of La Yedra, and the last shot is nicely atmospheric…. What a stunning place Cazorla is – I want to visit!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Well if you do, get your priorities sorted and give me the heads up……I will supply directions to Shpics Espana where a crowds worth of bottles of the finest one and a half Euro Cava will be chilling in the fridge…..
      I know how to throw a party.


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        You would be VERY surprised…….
        When in the UK, Mrs Shpics breakfasts daily on Veuve Cliquot, (she says it enhances the marmite), but…. even her goddess-like palate is happy with this super cheap Cava we’ve found…….
        It’s worth the trip just for the Cava alone….
        Trust me Sue…20 minutes in, and you’re happily giggling on bubbles, and NEVER get a headache.

  2. Emilio Pasquale

    I would love to visit this town. My wife and I are talking of retiring one day to a small town outside of the U.S. That means we better start doing research!


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I’m warming the brandy glasses and have sent the missus to the kitchen with a spoon and some flour…
        Brandy will be top quality, fingers crossed on the cake…She hasn’t hospitalised anyone yet.

  3. V-Light

    Ok…just wow…That is an absolutely gorgeous place and your photos are amazing! 😀 I think i can find it in my heart to forgive you for not using a tripod…(i never really do either :p)
    I don’t even see the high iso, my eyes are blinded by the beauty 😀


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Character lines Alex…..That’s been my excuse for the last 20 years or so….
        Seriously though, at ‘not quite thirty’, you have no need to worry…I have been infinitely more attractive since entering my second century. In the 1900’s I was simply gorgeous….Now I can add mysterious, enigmatic and charismatic to the list…….Sometimes I glimpse myself in the mirror and have to cross my legs…

      2. V-Light

        I almost choked on my tea from the laughing 😆 But you are right once again! When i look at myself even 5 years ago i look so em… like an infant. Now at almost 30, i lost most of that unflattering baby fat and got me some sexy cheekbones and jaw line… If i look that good now…Watch out world when i become 40…

        p.s. I also cannot wait to grow older so i’ll stop having 14year old girls hitting on me cause they think i look just like Justin Bieber…I mean…hell no…

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Rule no.1…When you are telling someone how foxy you look, don’t admit to drinking tea…
        Rule No.2….Don’t admit to even knowing who Justin Bieber is ….
        There is no rule No.3….
        p.s. If you reminded me of anyone it would be Shirley Manson…………All good!

      4. V-Light

        I do love my tea…Not gonna apologize for that! As for Justin Bieber let’s just forget he exists…Rule number 3 is very interesting though. To be or not to be? That’s not the question but anyway…Now Shirley Manson i like 😀

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