Another gallery from our trip North……All a bit random.

The header pic is from Ubeda, a small city in Jaen province. Along with its close, much smaller neighbour Baeza, the town has some of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain.

Now I know NOTHING about Renaissance architecture, but…. even your host skipping nimbly around the streets, snapping all and sundry while singing his special ‘Ubeda’ song, (see below), did not destroy the sense of timeless grandeur.

The Ubeda Song

Ubeedee ubeedoo

Ubeedooby ubeedah

Ubeedoobyoobydooby ubeedum…

Ubeedee ubeedoh

Ubeedoodoo ubeedum

Ubeedoobyoobydooby ubeeding…

(feel free to improvise)

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        My talents know no bounds….
        There was an accompanying dance as well…Such a pity that no video camera was to hand.

        Think Nijinsky, and you won’t be far wrong…
        (And no….I don’t mean the racehorse)

      1. tesid2014

        they could be spanish civil war,defo war theme looking ,not sure about the others though they look like they have been to a fancy dress party

  1. V-Light

    First of all, all the photos are amazing! 😀 But you had me with:
    “More stone dudes and a dudette. More Marvel than medieval.”
    How do you come up with these things? hahahaha…I can totally see Wolverine and the dudette doesn’t seem very entertained!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      WordPress won’t let me reply to your comment by the individual shot Sometimes it get’s right on my t*ts!!!!!
      But no, I think you’re mistaken……I’m reasonably sure he’s tempting the other rather camply dressed fellow with a chilled Pina Colada…….The area around this particular fountain was rather ‘pink’….(if you get my drift).


  2. Rondje

    Great set, Stuart, haven´t seen Ubeda, but stroll thru Baeza once and you´ve captured the warm glow of medieval times perfectly, enjoy your adventures!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Baeza felt the more untouched of the two…Modern Ubeda is exactly that, but the Renaissance sections slightly more grand.
      I couldn’t really decide if I had a preference.
      Still got a few more weeks and trips planned.
      Cheers 🙂


      1. Emilio Pasquale

        Funny, we were just talking about this last night. Our problem is that we are the only caregivers for my soon-to-be 92 year old grandfather. There is no one else for him. We even mentioned putting him into an assisted living facility so we could travel. But that sounds so selfish.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        That’s a tough position Emilio…….
        I was looking after my mom until a couple of years ago and had to make a decision to do exactly that…I felt extremely guilty about it…
        It helped me to both make the decision AND justify to myself, in that I’d already had to travel a couple of times for a few weeks at a time due to work, and a couple of bad experiences had made me realise she simply wasn’t safe being trusted to ‘ drop in’ carers if I wasn’t personally there 24/7…
        Still an awful decision to have to make.
        I feel for you.
        BUT… My mom spent her last two years in an assisted living apartment and was better looked after than I could manage….Hand on heart, I know she would have been happier had I been there all of the time, but there was more than one life involved….She was safe, cared for and much happier than when I had to leave her alone for long periods with only a temporary carer for an hour or so a day.
        When age is involved there is never ever a perfect answer but I hope you can find some balance in your own situation.
        Cheers mate.

      3. Emilio Pasquale

        Man, I don’t know what to say. That you took the time to respond, and so eloquently, touches me. (But please don’t let anyone know I’m a softy!) Maybe it will come to an assisted living set up but for now, we’ll just take weekend trips. Last weekend, we were gone for three days- left Thursday after work and returned Sunday around 4 pm. He doesn’t get out unless I take him grocery shopping or for lunch! He won’t even walk to the mail box as the temperatures are now too hot for him! Oh well, enough! Thank you, again for your response. It really did help!

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