Olive anyone?

Heading North, out from Cazorla and down, down, down to Ubeda and Baeza, you realise why here in Andalucía, every bar, in every street, in every town is happy to give you a fresh bowl of olives, (even if there are eight of you sharing a coca cola).

Jaen province, specifically the Comarca de la Loma, is the worlds biggest Extra Virgin Olive oil producer….Over 6 million trees….The shot at the header, which I had great fun turning into a lith’y kinda thing, shows you a tiny, weeny, itsy-bitsy, smidgey, ickley mini-bit of what lasts for kilometre after kilometre after kilometre, almost ad nauseum….You could drown in bloody olives.

If you like gently undulating hillsides in the soft colours of sand and green then you’re well away…….But, after 20 clicks, I was more than happy to turn tail and head back into the high ground. Luckily that 20 clicks was enough to put us in reach of both Ubeda, the town that featured in the last post, and Baeza that crops up, (amongst some other random pics,) here on Mountain Man No4.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I admit I’m a bit partial to both the olives and their oil…We filled the car boot and spent rather more than we should…How many different sorts and how many litres does one couple need? 🙂
      Still…my bad cholesterol is dropping, my hair is glossy and abundant and my bowels are as regular as clockwork……
      (Oh dear…..You got a bit more info than you actually needed there didn’t you?)
      Thanks for popping in Dina…Great to see you here.


  1. V-Light

    The cloud on the top right corner of the first photo, look likes a duck-headed angel! See it? I certainly cannot unsee it… I’m happy that you encountered some interesting clouds, visible in your other shots are well 😀 Very enjoyable post once again my friend 😀


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