We’ve been in the city of Murcia for a couple of nights….

It’s deserted for the holidays….At least half of the shops and a good proportion of the restaurants are shuttered up and there’s not a tourist in sight. The Murcianos have stuffed their cars with inflatable crocodiles, sun -hats, children, grandmothers and cured sausage, and headed for the coast en masse, and it’s the perfect time for wearing out some shoe leather and exploring the empty streets on foot.

Apart from the heat….

The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe was in Murcia…..It’s a furnace! Walk just a hundred yards and you need (yet another) beer, but every time you sit down it’s like shoving your arse deep into a pizza oven..

“More cheese with your blistered buttocks Sir?”

And……. As if a burnt jacksie isn’t bad enough, I’ve got a permanent crick in my neck from looking UP, UP, UP, at the skyline….

So, please spare a thought for your poor host…. In agony after bringing you the first in a short series of black and white posts of some of the ‘high points’ of Spain.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. west517

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for the view 🙂 Your narratives always give me a smile, I particularly like the, “…but every time you sit down it’s like shoving your arse deep into a pizza oven…” LOL


  2. scillagrace

    The Gothic agenda is to keep you looking up (not to make you wear black), spires and vaults and heaven-reaching stone. How does it make you feel, besides the crick in your neck?


  3. janemorley2014

    Great pics – comme d’habitude – sh – love the awe-inspiring viewpoint and the black and white. Hope your neck recovers soon – could be pretty tricky necking a beer at that angle….? 🙂


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Incredibly, Tetleys tea-bags (and PG) are widely available, but you’re right, the bitter is a no-no….
        (Being a midlander this isn’t too upsetting….My Grandad referred to Northern Ales as ‘Maids-Water’…..and that’s when he was being polite).
        Sadly no Banks’s Mild to be found either..

      2. janemorley2014

        I think your Grandad sounds like a regular ‘card’ as my dear old Grandma used to say! I haven’t forgotten what he said about Lancashire though! Never tasted Bank’s Mild – Strong Suffolk was my tipple…..:(

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Must correct you… Banks’s not Bank’s… 🙂
        Enter any pub within ten miles of Wolverhampton and ask for Bank’s, and you would be soundly walloped.
        (If you were daft enough to go in in the first place).

        ‘Regular card’ is good, he’d have liked that…
        My Grandmother used to call him ‘ARSE*OLE’….

      4. janemorley2014

        I guess that means your grandmother was a bit of ‘wicked card’ then – nothing like a bit of love talk between the elderly…. 🙂 I imagine a pint of mild would be almost as bad as a port and lemon? (My Grandma on high days and holidays)

      5. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Port and lemon…:-)
        Now that does take me back…My first ever girlfriend LOVED port and lemon…In 1970’s Dudley it was the equivalent of crystal meth….God we were wild back then!!!

      6. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        My darling wife STILL likes Bacardi and coke…(You can take the girl out of North Wales but you can’t take North Wales out of the girl..hee hee)
        Thankfully she only goes that route when she’s already smashed…..When drinking socially (as opposed to unsocially) we’re both rather partial to Lagavulin…Would you believe neither of us has ever tried Laphroaig?

      7. janemorley2014

        Sacré bleu Monsieur! It’s quite different despite being only a mile up the road from Lagavulin which is actually my preferred tipple after Ardbeg – another mile further on if you can make it that far … they do most excellent tastings on Islay ! 😦 🙂

      8. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Ardbeg !!???
        I haven’t even heard of that one……And I thought I was a bit of a Connysewer..
        Someone told me it’s a chap called ‘Pete’ that’s responsible for the Islay malts…Have I got that right?

      9. janemorley2014

        You certainly have! Actually they must like him alot cause they often call him Petey – wee Petey Dram is his full appeIation if I heard aright….wonderful job he does too 🙂

  4. Emilio Pasquale

    I would concentrate more on the beer and less on the crick in the neck! Remember you must suffer for your art!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I view myself like a modern day Michelangelo…Not flat on my back painting a big ceiling, but still at a slight angle to hit the shutter…AND risking spilling my cerveza !!!!!
      I know suffering!!!!


  5. V-Light

    I’d like some extra olives with them blistered buttocks please! 😀 Really? An ass baking pizza oven? And you blame my tea! I think you sir, are drinking something way stronger. Send me the recipe in my inbox please. What is a crick? Very nice photos by the way…Whatever that crick is it was worth it 😀 I really like the second one with the two statues, it’s like they are communicating, tells a whole different story the way you shot it 😀


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Stick to the olives…NO-ONE wants to nibble my buttocks!
      A crick…???
      Never stopped to think that might not be universal….
      Think spasm’y lock’y twingey kinda thing…Not good but quite usual for the over thirties…You’ll see !


      1. V-Light

        Google says: “Crick” refers to people who have achieved an Ultra-Rich status. To be labeled as “Crick” is an enormous compliment. Not everyone can be crick. It is a term that solely describes the elite.

        Are you Ultra-Rich and you’re hiding it from me? Haha 😛

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Oh My….Ultra-rich! Or a sore neck…I know which I’d prefer :-)…
        Actually you know, Ultra-rich would be a bit wasted on me……But I do wish I had just a little more.
        I could become a photo-philanthropist, funding photographic travel or something…..

      3. V-Light

        If i ever have a lot of money i’d spend it on travels and helping other artists 🙂 Cause i know how frustrating it is to want to do something and can’t because of money…I’ll build huge artistic community, with workspaces and exhibition rooms 😀

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Okay yeah…That’s all good…:-)
        When you are filthy rich, give yourself enough pocket money to buy that motorbike…….. My bike says she would enjoy meeting up for some Austrian landscape photo trips and I always try to keep her happy.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      No..sadly not film.
      I bought rolls of film with me to Spain but haven’t found anywhere to process it, so it’s digital only while I’m here…
      VERY frustrating!!
      No massages either I’m afraid…The best I can expect is a rub down with a damp flannel.


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