Could it be that my ‘alternative’ credentials are slipping?

I’ve noticed my Spanish posts have, to this point at least, been somewhat traditional…..Landscapes, tourist style cityscapes and that sort of thing….Shot’s that, on the whole, I’ve been pretty happy with….But, if I’m honest, maybe  slightly easy options, Spain is SO photogenic that you can, if you’re not very careful,  find yourself photographically skating on the surface………Looking back over the four weeks worth of shots I’ve taken though, there have been a smattering of more idiosyncratic subjects….Today I thought I’d whip up a selection of those for you.

A mixed bag then…. A bit of street art found on less trodden streets, some strange juxtapositions and downright weird discoveries…Hopefully a little more ‘left field’ than the recent posts.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. tesid2014

        stuart you have experienced the wind here and bertha was nowt!!!
        you are so going to be in shock at the temperatures here in a couple of weeks.

      1. janemorley2014

        Because the colours are awesome, the lettering is top de chez top – as we say in France – and the photo really should have been an iconic album cover somewhere, sometime………… 🙂 ?

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        ‘Top de chez top’ …. I like that 🙂
        The colours are pretty rich aren’t they? It makes me think of some philanthropic Boho chocolatier, toiling tirelessly at his tasting table and coming up with some very boozy, cherry’y, dark chocolatey, fondant kinda concoction and then, because he’s just that kinda guy, generously dropping a slab of it in downtown ‘Poorsville’…
        I don’t know how I stopped myself actually licking this building.

      3. janemorley2014

        That sounds like one helluva chocolate creation especially the boozy cherry bit, the building even has little chocolate dimples and orange chips on the lettering – mouth watering! 🙂 Off to buy a Terry’s chocolate orange 🙂

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