I awoke, embarrassingly close to midday, feeling extremely Sunday’ish…….

No doubt because last night was, ( well of course it was, you can work it out for yourself, you’re not an idiot), Saturday, and, true to form, we had rather too much to eat, too much to drink and nowhere near enough sleep, (even with the lie-in).

Anyway, the upshot is, I am unable to pluck up enough vim, verve or vigour to venture forth into the big wide world to shoot anything for you Dear Reader….(Oh the shame, the shame).

But fear not!!

Luckily, only yesterday, a rather splendid Hispanic produce specialist type fellow furnished us with some positively biblical tomatoes, and, influenced by some amazingly good still life subjects by my BlogBuddy Jane at ‘The Art Card Press’ (link below), I thought I’d serve’em up…….Spanish grocer dude insisted they were ‘Solo para cocinar’, for cooking only…But I don’t know how I stopped myself taking a bite out of them before the shots were in the bag.



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. janemorley2014

    Crumbs sh, I’m truly flattered! Many thanks for your compliment and the link! The tomatoes look luscious as any self-respecting tomato should, hope they taste good and that your vim and vigour return in due course… Happy Sunday evening 🙂


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Cheers Emilio, I wondered what they might be called…:-)
      And…… I can now confirm that they taste even better than they look….Their skins were like shoe leather, but inside they were unbelievably soft and sweet.


  2. V-Light

    Nice tomatoes you got there 😉 And beautiful photos, they are like an old still life painting 😀 Although with painted tomatoes it would not be a great idea to ‘Solo para cocinar’…most likely you’ll end up ‘Solo para WCinar’ :p Hahahahaha…Sorry if i don’t make any sense…The 1/4 of my brain that was still functional with the campaign and all that…i think it’s now 0.5/4….Thank god it’s ending soon! 😀 81% by the way! Keeping the faith for that 100% 😀


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Ah ha..Basil!
      Your green fingered host has actually managed to get two varieties established in the rocky, parched area, laughingly called a garden…..
      (In this instance we didn’t use it though…These red wonders were part of a curried goat with plums concoction……Deeeeeeeelish!


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