Making full use of the ‘Shpics Four Wheel Drive Assault Vauxhall’, the troops descended to the rocky shore of San Clemente reservoir for a giggly session of toe-dipping. Obviously, as Commander in Chief, I felt it my duty to reconnoitre the whole area, taking photos along the way, just in case we might ever find ourselves surrounded and desperate to escape……

I can’t really see it happening, but you never know for sure. I’ve read my Hemingway, it pays to be prepared….

Sadly the elastic had failed in my Calvin Klein swimming thong so I was unable to venture far into the bath warm water……Checking for submarine nets will have to wait until our next visit.

But, putting the admittedly unlikely possibility of a marine attack to one side, I was soon confident that the troops were safe, and I was more than happy to leave them to their frolics while I looked for colour and reflections to take hostage.


Those of you wondering about the Blog title need wonder no more…..

My mate Alex has been running an Art Campaign….. it’s due to finish very shortly, so I wanted to make sure that as many people get to hear about it as is humanly possible. She’s an incredibly talented artist and about to make some huge changes in her life to follow her photographic dream. The Campaign is only running for another few days, and she’s within a gnats whisker of success…. so I thought I would do my little bit to help.

I struggled with ideas for what to do, but given my reputation for dodgy comedy and smut, I thought I’d combine the two.

So….A promise…

If enough people visit Alex’s Art Sale campaign and she makes her 100% target I will continue to post artistic photos of my current Spanish sojourn….IF HOWEVER, SHE DOES NOT GET ENOUGH SUPPORT My next post will be a single HORRIFYING photo, (already in the bag), called ” SHPICS NUDE SELFIE“……


Check out Alex’s wonderful photography here..


All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. V-Light

    Ahahahahahahahaha! 😀 Stuart you are really something else! I wish i could give you a hug right now! Thank you my friend!!!

    We are at 88% now! So close!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we won’t have to endure the horror of seeing your naked selfie! (you can send it to me later though…hehe).

    I’m really moved by your support and i’ll do my best to make you really proud when i go to Austria 😀 I will also send you endless supplies of Apfelstrudels!

    By the way, your photos i really really loved!!! 😀 It’s an amazing scenery and the clouds are lovely! An oasis, compared to the dry landscapes you’ve previously posted! I want to take a dive in there right now, but i’m afraid my Gucci swimming thong is at the dry cleaners 😦 Damn…


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      My Selfie should have a government health warning…..
      Truly petrifying…… o_O

      Good luck with the final stages of the campaign Alex…..I’ve been looking at all of the amazing shots in your ebook again…It’s really fabulous!


      1. V-Light

        Hehe, thank you Stuart! ♥ I’ll be glad when this is over and i can finally have some fun, print and ship all the requests and start packing my stuff 🙂 You know, i still cannot comprehend that this is actually happening…

  2. janemorley2014

    So traumatised by the notion of the shnudedude selfie it’s taken me 3 hours to recover and formulate a comment. Now I can’t remember what it was…. 😦 PS For classic car post – tonight’s the night for Part One…. I hope you like it after all my work getting pics in order!! 😦 I’m looking for the crosseyed icon again – there must be one surely?


      1. janemorley2014

        Cheers for the gift! I shall be much more emoticon eloquent from now on. Thanks for the like for the cars but I’m guessing you didn’t really like them as there’s no comment!! I was stunned to see the colours on our new iPad after I’d posted it – they don’t look half as saturated as that on my laptop, oh well perhaps I’ll post some of the monochrome…. 😦

      2. janemorley2014

        😳 duly embarassed , I feel like a right o_O and a left :/ ! Many thanks for your ⭐ and the comments – suitably encouraged I shall do part 2 this evening! 🙂 😉 😎

  3. tesid2014

    after a sleepless night of disturbing images in my mind i am awake enough now to comment on the tranquility of these photo’s.there is something about lone trees in water for me.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Rich food at bed-time?
      Not enough gin in your tonic?

      Whatever the cause, if these help you wind down that sounds good to me,,,, 🙂
      And I know what you mean……..Some shots I took down by the flooded Cherwell affected me the same as these….


  4. west517

    “…the elastic had failed in my Calvin Klein swimming thong…” I just hate it when that happens!! I just love this set — the “big sky” look and feel remind me of Montana- even a bit of Utah. Beautiful colors and reflections!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Good news…I’ve re-strung my swimmy with dental floss.
      Montana, Utah, Nevada, Colorado…ALL way up high on my ‘Must get there’ list……
      I consider myself a traveller, but, I have NEVER been to the States **!!?? What am I playing at?


      1. west517

        That IS a relief!! Wouldn’t want to scare the fish. Seriously? You’re travels have never brought you stateside? I have been fortunate to spend time in 48 of our 50 — and I HIGHLY recommend the states you’ve mentioned– Water skiing in daylight at 2 am, the Red Rocks in Colorado (not to mention the Rocky Mountains), Nevada and Utah — que bella!!! Those are among my favorite places inside the US…. but don’t even get me started on Alaska …. or seeing wild Orcas in Washington State!! You must visit the States someday– I’m quite certain you would fall in love with it!

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Up until now I really quite liked you…….
        Now I just want to do an Alien type thing and absorb your brain…..
        48 out of 50???!!!**??!!
        Prepare for alien attack!!

        Schlurb waaaaghhh shloop screeeuuugrh!!!

        Hahahahahahahaha!!! Your brain is mine Earthling Vegatable!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahah!!

      3. west517

        Hahahahahahah!! 😀 You’re evil plan will not work Mr. Shpics~ I’ve got my alien-attack-proof, anti-brain-absorption helmet firmly in place.

        Yes true– 48 out of 50. I do so very much love my beautiful states ❤

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