We came across the poor fellow exactly as you see him, face down amongst the bottles strewn at the side of one of Almerias less salubrious streets. At first we hoped he was simply pissed, the local bars are extremely cosmopolitan, but closer inspection revealed a badly torn neck and a stomach churning amount of stuffing….Our fears were confirmed ….. Foul play! Red Ted was Dead!

I’m ashamed to report that we left him there……Oh, I can give you excuses: Our limited Spanish, the fact that we hadn’t known him in life, the lateness of the hour and our pressing engagement with a chorizo…..But you know, and I know, we simply didn’t want to get involved…A sad indictment indeed. I hang my head….

Luckily I’m now over it, and will waste no further time crying over spilled stuffing but crack on with posting a few more random things I’ve found lurking at the far end of my camera over the last week or so.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. janemorley2014

    Oh you cruel and heartless man – that could have been Winnie the Pooh with a bad case of sunburn!! I’m totally traumatised now but should mention that I like very much the ‘now you see her’, moon in the gutter and fortress wall pics….. 😦 🙂


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        His throat was cut from ear to ear………
        (where to where? ear to ear).

        No way could this have been self-inflicted.
        I reckon it was a jealousy motivated attack. Honey lust can be a terrible thing…

  2. V-Light

    I think our little Red Ted overdosed on water…I mean look at all the bottles he left behind…Don’t feel bad about him, he got what he deserved! I mean how dare he, drink water? Tsk, tsk tsk… Mmm that chorizo though….I’m not reading your posts at night, ever again! Now i’m hungry and there’s nothing interesting in the kitchen. Pfff…


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