I’ve spent a good proportion of the day uploading photos, jiggering and pokering, cropping and balancing and all manner of other photographic shenanigans….Between you and I, Dear reader, I am both well and truly knackered, and absolutely starving…….Good news therefore, that earlier today, the ever resourceful Mrs Shpics expressed her intention to whip out her utensils, (easy tiger), and rustle up something tasty for dinner…..

Throughout the day the smells emanating from the kitchen have been sublime, but….my own favourite part of the process was fairly early this morning, immediately after Stage One when I happened upon her returning to the kitchen after a surreptitious foray onto a local farm property…I thought it best to avoid the mouthful of feathers but did my best to capture the moment..

The rest of todays gallery is a bit of a hotch-potch….I think maybe I’m suffering from a delayed reaction of some kind.



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

(No chickens were actually directly harmed for the production of this blog……)


  1. janemorley2014

    I love Portillo again – (is he there in the rocks somewhere?) There is always a message in a bottle :/ The station is cool and that Tshirt comes from our local Auchan and the finale – well, have you ever been a deranged creative director for Saatchi’s I wonder? Cool new KFC campaign there I reckon! 😉


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Deep breath….
      He IS there…(With a half empty bottle and a young man in a pink shirt)….
      The best messages are always to be found in beer bottles…
      The station IS cool….
      Burn the Auchan, leave not a shelf unsinged…
      NO! I’m far too elite for Saatchi’s….

      Got to go…The Colonel is on the phone.


  2. janemorley2014

    Troubling news re Portillo, messages in Jenlain bottles are ‘très chouette’ , the station is ‘très chouette’ ( that’s ‘cool’ in French , ‘ Yo! barn owl’ to you and I , go figure) :/ So relieved re Maurice and Charles – worked there for 6 months = 5 months 30 days too long, say HI to the Colonel… o_O


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Take a breath……Deeply now……….
      Feeling better?

      Good. 🙂

      Mikey can do whatever the hell he wants as long as he stays hidden…
      ‘Jenlain’….??????? (More Frenchie nonsense I imagine….)
      ‘Yo Barn Owl’ eh?…I rather like that..
      Did you? I had you down as a little more upmarket ….Working is so passé my Dear…
      Colonel says ‘Hi back’at’cha’


      1. janemorley2014

        Leaving the Mikey question aside and suitably veiled, Jenlain is a delightful nectaire à la Française, most definitely to be discovered and savoured by an ardent beer fan – think rich Belgian brew with a soupçonne of best French wine :/ 🙂 Sadly work is indeed passé but horribly ‘de riguer’ in my neck of the woods if you want to enjoy the odd glass of said jollop – however if you have any handy hints to the avoidance thereof please do spill the beans 🙂 ‘Chouette!’

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Ok…We agree, MP is probably best ignored, (in my view, along with all other exMP’s AND those of current standing). 🙂
        I struggle with the idea of French beer, BUT…I trust you, and will keep my eyes open, even though you haven’t really sold me…Winey beer????…Eugh..

        Re work……
        It’s been less than 2 months since I stopped…Student life beckons on my return to the green and pleasant land, and, should returning bottles for the deposit not suffice, I’m considering bolstering my student loan as an ‘horizontale’…..
        It’s all the shaving that is putting me off. 😦

      3. janemorley2014

        The mind is boggling at the notion of studentdom o_O if you drink enough beer to make any inroads on a student loan you will certainly be horizontal anyway though not quite sure how this helps unless you intend to follow Eliot Errwhit and take photos of people’s feet and their dogs 🙂 I believe that hirsute is chouette at the moment 😦

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Believe me your mind isn’t boggling half as much as mine….As youthful as I find myself in my 54th year, the thought of being dropped into a roomful of eighteen year olds is petrifying….
        (Horizontale’y speaking, hirsute may well be chouette, ( I bow to insider knowledge), but, as convincing as I am in a borrowed frock, I think my top-lip might be my downfall). 😦

      5. janemorley2014

        Oopla I see now about the horizontal bit o_O I meant that hirsute men are chouette these days all those designer beards etc I imagine very de rigueur for the student fraternity 😦 Maybe not all the students will be 18, scary stuff though :/ you’ll have to start liking Justin Bieber too I should think o_O

      6. janemorley2014

        Ahh, now there you see I’m obviously much more ‘dans le vent’ or ‘branché’ as the French would say than your good self 🙄 You will definitely need to know all about this Mr Bieber chappie, Lady Gargoyle and a chappie band called No Direction. There, I hope that helps. 😎 Are studying for the seminary or is it photographic based may I ask?

      7. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        More ‘plein de vent’ than ‘dans le vent’ if you ask me….:-D
        But thank you for the POP crash course…I will do some research….( I have heard of Freddie and The Dreamers, are they still chouette?)
        Sadly I look fat in a cassock, so photography it is…
        Though (as you have no doubt concluded) I’m a mental Colossus, I have no degree to illustrate the fact….At eighteen my studies were forcibly curtailed by circumstance, (there were three of us sharing one pair of shoes), and this is the first time I have been, in anyway, able to again take up the quill…
        So… Full time Photography BA…
        I must be absolutely barking!

      8. janemorley2014

        I think that last point needs no argument frankly o_O but I hope you will have a great time being an official student person. I am sure you are a great loss to the church however 😦 PS Should have thought you already knew plenty about photography from what I see on your pages ❓ 🙂

      9. janemorley2014

        Don’t do flattery personally 😛 which makes collecting blog followers pretty tricky 😦 – might do a post on that one day, is it possible to be sincere and successful on the internet 😕 Careful in the darkroom, sounds very scary to me 😦 I’ve watched too many Harry Potter movies 😦

      10. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Seriously (for once) 🙂 I’ve never ‘liked’ anything I haven’t liked or followed anything not worth a follow…I found that if you post stuff you like yourself, gradually people start noticing…I had less than 50 followers for my first 8 months of blogging, and when numbers did start to increase there was nothing different going on, just more of the same…
        With your photos and posts you’ll definitely see more traffic if you keep it up…And anyway, posting is fun anyway isn’t it? Where’s the joy in taking pics no-one sees?…
        Just stick to what you’re doing…’If you build it, they will come’..

      11. janemorley2014

        Cheers for that sh! 🙂 Figure it’s a serious downside of the internet, this desire for ‘followers’ – never bothered about that in my entire life before now and refuse to be a hypocrite, popular or otherwise! Started out with the idea of promoting my cards but my blog has become something else entirely now, a rewarding means of self expression – ooer cue pretentious twaddle – o_O – but true :/ 🙂 Agree entirely with you, be true and like minded folk will follow eventually…… Blimey that was serious wasn’t it 😮 must be a joke in there somewhere …. I’ll have to look for it in the morning à bientôt! 😀

      12. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I’ve just read through that three times and sad to report it is joke free…I can’t even scrape up the semblance of one…
        Woe is us!
        Next post, back to gibberish 😀
        (Gibberish being my favourite type of rewarding self expression) ❗

      13. janemorley2014

        I’d have to agree with you again there sh (this in itself is getting worrying :/ ) I find I’m getting better at gibberish as I get older and less mature 🐻 Off to attempt my Sunday evening post…. better be before the apero I reckon…. o_O 😀 😕

  3. V-Light

    The photo of your wife is EPIC!!! 😀 I love the detail with the cut chicken legs on the floor and the little shine on the knife! Excellent work! I can actually imagine this being a poster, for what exactly i don’t know…maybe you should open a fine art butcher shop! When you get rich cause of my genius idea please be kind enough to send me some chorizos! ^_^


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      A Fine Art Butcher….At last, I know where my life is heading…
      Everything until now has been leading up to this moment, but it took you, Alex, to clarify my sense of purpose…Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou…
      Must go, I need to work on my sausage photoframes…


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        You’re going somewhere cold and beautiful…At least you will be as long as Austrian Passport Control hasn’t seen your dance video…..If they have, they may well not let you in.
        That’s a big risk you’ve taken Alex…

      2. V-Light

        Ehm…well…i secretly wished that nobody would see the video…damn 😦 Now my reputation will forever be tainted! Hahahaha! How did you find it? Will you hire me to do some “perfomances” at your Fine Art Butcher shop?

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Tainted you say?
        I hate to say this, but your reputation has been shot down in flames……

        Saatchi turns to Saatchi..
        ‘Have you seen these photos Saatchi?’
        ‘Which photos Saatchi?’
        ‘These photos Saatchi…’
        ‘Oh yes..Those photos…..They’re rather good but I’m afraid we can’t touch them Saatchi’.
        ‘No Saatchi?’
        ‘No Saatchi!’
        ‘Why Saatchi?’
        ‘They’re by that Austro-Grecian dancing weirdo girl..’
        ‘The one with the hat Saatchi?’
        ‘Yes Saatchi’
        ‘Oh dear Saatchi’.
        ‘Yes Saatchi…Oh dear indeed!’

        Not even the butchers will touch you after this….

      4. V-Light

        Oh no! :O This is an utter disaster!!! Pfff…Ok, from now on i’ll pretend that i am an Otter, they are too cute to turn down! Hopefully after some years my scandalous dance video will be forgotten and i will be able to lead a normal life as Alex again…

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