Jeez life is manic!!

Since being back in the UK I don’t seem to have stopped to draw breath….Photo processing has had to sit on the back burner while I repair roofs, fix motorbikes, fix vans, replace fridges, service trailers, ferry wives up and down the motorway AND try to get some sort of workable internet connection!!!!!! Why, when my Spanish internet connection, consisting of a tiny aerial pointed at another tiny aerial on a smallish tower on a mountain 20 kms away, always works perfectly, Can’t those numbskulls at SKY, with all of the technology at their disposal, get it to work at all in the UK????  AAAAaaaagh!!

Anyway, enough ranting…..

I have a ten minute window so here’s some more Toledo’ian pixels for ya!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. janemorley2014

    Très chouette sh 😎 Only time I wish I lived in a city would be to take some hard-edged modern architectural pics! Everything round here is old limestone – far too soft and beautiful 🙂 Have fun with the DIY :/


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