You start with just the one, and before you know it……….

My new blog ‘LIGHT AND A SMALL BLACK BOX’ is now pretty much up and running.

I’m just about to start a whole new phase in my photographic life by going to university and studying a fulltime BA Photography course. I couldn’t do it back in the middle ages when I left school, (my evil mother sent me out sweeping chimneys to support her crack cocaine habit), but now that I have saved my money and bought three years worth of baked beans and dug a well in the back garden, I think I might just about be able to survive the experience before I’m ready to pick up my pension.

The new blog is intended as a personal record of the whole photography student experience…..Might be fun, might be dry as a bone…Hopefully there will be at least be a few photos worth a look at….

As ever, Dear Reader, you will be the judge.


These pics are over there on the new pages, together with a bit more info.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde



  1. janemorley2014

    Fascinating pics sh – spooky but very metamorphic and très chouette 🙂 Wish you loads of luck and lots of good experiences on your new adventure, I shall of course follow your exploits with great interest! Just don’t eat too many of those beans all at once :/ o_O


  2. suej

    Great, slightly spooky images…. Here’s wishing you loads of great experiences, some fun, and a few morsels of decent food during your new adventures! 🙂


  3. west517

    Absolutely fascinating, inspiring images! I’ve toyed around with a similar idea- but never had the courage to post it 🙂 … but I do like these — very strong and atmospheric– and congrats on going back to school!! How exciting! I look forward to following your education escapades — very BEST wishes …. and about those beans — take care not to eat too many at once – May I suggest Raman noodles?!! 🐻


  4. V-Light

    Hello dear Stuart!!! 😀 I’m finally back, was 2 weeks without internet in Vienna, almost felt like i was living in the Medieval ages! I wish you all the best for your new start and don’t party too hard now that you are a student! Followed your new blog of course, looking forward to see your progress!!! 😀


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Alex 😀
      Great to hear from you…How are things going in Vienna?
      All a bit of a whirl? (teehee)
      I’m suffering from information overload…TOOO MUCH new stuff…I really hope Uni life will calm down soon… it really is all a bit much at the start, especially for a doddering old fool like me.
      Working on my first project of any real size as we speak so maybe I’ll be posting something soon. Be great to get your feedback.
      I really hope you’re having a great time in your new town, keep me posted !


      1. V-Light

        😀 I’m still trying to get used to the idea that i actually live here and that i’m not just visiting like a tourist…hahaha… I’m a bit stressed with the whole having to find a place to live until the end of October and a job as soon as possible…but i will make it 😀 As you will make it in the hard Uni life! I have faith in you! All beginnings are rough but soon you’ll be a role model student and i will be sending you Apfelstruddels! 😀

  5. Andrew Maclaren-Scott

    “You start with just the one, and before you know it……….”

    On a nitpicky technical point, I think you’d need two bunnies at the start, but then I am often accused of pedantry. I look forward to perusing your blog.Your images (introduced to me by Strata of the Self) are excellent


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