I’ve been pretty busy with university stuff over the last couple of weeks… that, along with yet more crappy internet problems, has really put the kybosh on much posting.

So, in case you think I’ve forgotten about you, here’s a couple of shots I’ve lifted straight out of a ‘uni’ project……The shots were taken with a particular emphasis on the way that they were framed.

Pentax MX using 50,28 &135 prime lenses, Kodak Tri-X 400asa and…(Would you believe?)…Shoved in a tank, doused in chemicals, and developed by yours truly.

My first bit of self developed film….Who’s a clever little blogger then?



If you fancy a look at a few more of these there’s a bigger selection over on ‘Light and a Small Black Box’, link over on the right.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. west517

    Very clever you are~ 😀 These are really great~ especially like the1st and 2nd shots! The angles are beautifully straight and clean– lovely!


      1. west517

        hahahahah 😀 … I am going to do something soon– just not sure what, but maybe the shoes is a good idea since I’m CCCRRRAAZY about them ~ hehe

  2. nannus

    Last time I’ve developed film and paper pictures myself was way back in the 1970s, in a foto group we had at school. My father had his own darkroom, though, but one of my sisters took all that equipment.


      1. nannus

        Well, she was studying arts and design, I was studying computer science, so it appeared OK at the time.
        Now, cameras have become digital and she has all that old, clunky stuff (although the old chemical processes have their own charm – I remember the red light and the special smell – something is getting lost, so its nice you are still doing that!)

      2. nannus

        For me, these are childhood memories. Orange boxes with photographic paper and brown bottles with mysterious liquids, red lights and pictures hanging on a washing line. The magical moment when a picture started becoming visible on the paper submerged in the developer. I hope this technology will not become extinct.

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Though many manufacturers seem to be stopping producing materials I think it unlikely it will disappear totally…Sadly it will just get (even more) expensive…
        I’ll certainly do my bit to keep the process alive.

  3. janemorley2014

    Blimey you’re here as well sh 🙂 Agree with west on numbers 1 & 2 but don’t think I’d be able to resist cropping the vegetation out of number 2 – can I say that ? :/ 😦 o_O


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      You can say whatever you ruddy well want..:-)
      That’s the whole point.

      And I know where you’re coming from…Without that growing stuff it would probably look even more ‘De Chirico’ -esque….
      Out of the confines of the project, I may well do exactly as you suggest.
      But not now…I desperately need a snooze.


  4. V-Light

    These are really good Stuart! 😀 Very nice contrast, which i understand is difficult to find the right balance when developing…at least i always did a dozen tries before finding a good set of parameters


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi Alex 🙂
      These are scanned from the film I developed, so I still don’t know how actual prints will turn out..Scanners seem to do a good job of maximising the tone differentials and enabling you to get a nice sharp contrast. I hope the prints will be as good but I won’t know for a couple of days….(I am looking forward to doing it though 🙂 ).
      How is the job-hunt going?


      1. V-Light

        Really? That is from a scanner? Wow! I thought you had developed them and just scanned the prints! I need to get my hands on one of those babies 😀 Looking forward to see how your prints will actually turn out as well!
        The job-hunting has to wait…I need to find a place to stay first…5 days left to be precise…I won’t lie, i’m really stressed about it… I was supposed to stay with a friend here but he suddenly received a better job proposition and he’s leaving Vienna! So there go my plans…Problem with find another place to stay is that even with roommates, it requires that you pay 2 rents in advance plus the first rent…If if do that i’ll spend all my money and without a job yet, it’s just too risky….

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I love my Epson V600 !!!
        It rocks !! Between you and me Alex, I think high end scanners are SO good these days, actual wet printing from negatives really is obsolete….Even my cheapy V600 does a fantastic job.

        Jeez Alex, Digs-wise, that really does sound like a MAJOR stress situation…..I’m crossing my fingers for you big-style.
        Good luck and keep me posted.

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