I spent last night and the early part of today in Oxfordshire, having delivered an emergency food parcel to the ever hungry Mrs Shpics…..

On the way back, I thought I’d give myself a  break from all of the serious photographic thought that my university course has necessitated, and simply shoot something for fun….So throwing caution to the winds, I did.

Glympton is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ little village on the road back to the grim North….It seemed an ideal spot to whack my DSLR on a tripod and mess around with some long(ish) exposures.

It ain’t Art, and it ain’t Conceptual, but it is rather pretty.

(Give’em a click to see’em bigger).



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. janemorley2014

    There I am trying to find the wretched website template I just looked at and a moment of escape and repose on wp finds you in a moment of repose with Monet’s bridge transported to Glympton!! It may be a bit pale but it is his bridge isn’t it 🙂 Mind you, not at all sure how the French pronunciation of a delightful English name like Glympton would turn out ? :/ 😀 Hope you are duly refreshed for the end of week intellectual fray ? 😦 🙂


      1. janemorley2014

        Of course I’m psychic, dare say all that studious brain activity has transmitted itself across the murky Channel… 😕 I think Monet’s ‘Bridge in grey’ looks very well in Champagne de Glympton? 😀

      2. janemorley2014

        Looks like a proper little bubbling river to me, they call anything a river over here, bless ‘um, even the strikingly named local stream the ‘Arce’ is known as a river….:? :/ o_O

  2. Emilio Pasquale

    So what would make this art? A naked nymph rising from the little river Glyme? I apologize for being vacant from your blog for so long. But I have not been getting notifications of new posts.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      No apology necessary Emilio Old Pal
      Wordpress is a law unto itself.
      The ‘Art’ question is a big one though….After a couple of weeks on my ‘BA photography/Art’ course’, (checkout, lightandasmallblackbox.wordpress.com )
      it seems it would need to have a subtext & be in need of contextual analysis……Pretty pictures it seems do not cut the mustard.
      I’d be more than happy with the naked nymph.


  3. tesid2014

    love them both and will wait with baited breath on your photo of a water nymph when you persuade your muse to pose for you haha.
    on a more annoying note i was going to harcourt later but it’s very grey and dull.
    see if i am tesid2014 on wordpress!!!


  4. V-Light

    So pretty! The one with the bridge is my fave for sure! 😀 It’s also nice to see some color again…B&W is cool but you know…you gotta keep our eyes satisfied with some color too 😛 A+


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