Regular readers will know that both myself and ‘Speed-Freak’ Mrs Shpics, love our Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Last week both of our bikes needed a bit of tinkering, so rather than get out the spanners ourselves and end up with an oily kitchen, and a cardboard box of bits which will never go together again, we took them down to a company in Blockley in the Cotswolds, called Watsonian Squire, who have not only been working with Royal Enfields for years, they’re also Britain’s oldest and finest sidecar manufacturer, operating in some shape or form since 1912.

Their showroom is a classic bike enthusiasts paradise, and knowing I’d likely be there for a couple of hours, I took my camera with me.

The current ‘piece de resistance’ is a brand spanking new Continental GT in red, fitted with a matching side car.

How can anything that doesn’t wear stockings be so sexy?



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. west517

    I love motorcycles! …and this red is yummmmmy! I think I won the best-sister-in-the-universe award purchasing pipes for my brothers Vulcan 1600 for his birthday– at least that’s what I told him 🙂 …these are really classically beautiful!


  2. janemorley2014

    Nothing like a nice bit of shiny chrome and an engine to cheer me up after a visit to the supermarket 🙂 LOVE the bullet 500 pics and that side car is very cute in a Wallace & Gromit kind of way. Sneaked a peek at your Enfield too, totally scrumptious! (Mr H has a red Bandit classic sort of style but not as nice as these.) And there I thought you were riding to Wolverhampton on a pedal cycle 😕 o_O 😀


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