Exhausted from way too much university bollocks, I dragged myself to the Motorcycle Live show at the Birmingham NEC. Nothing like motorbikes to cheer you up and put a spring in your step.

That absolutely wonderful fellow Ben from Watsonian Squire, (no better place in all Christendom to buy a motorcycle or sidecar), was kind enough to give me a ticket, so, while I was there I merrily cracked off a few shots of the Watsonian stand.

Pride of place was given to a ginormous, super-spangly, chrome-dripping Harley/sidecar combination……

I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of the old sepia toning treatment.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. rosiehartmann

        Stuart – so sorry! I changed providers and went self hosted. it was set up wrong and now I have a new blog that lost all of my followers. I am still working on fixing it. Very frustrating! my new blog is http://www.rosiehartmann.com. I am working to fix it. It has been challenging. Yours was the first I went and followed as it is my favorite blog for sure!

      1. janemorley2014

        Confess I’ve always been lazy and never used RAW – hate processing so keep it to absoloute minimum and my computer’s too old to cope anyway! 😦 I imagine one is supposed to use it though 😕

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Having used RAW for a while now I really wouldn’t go back to jpegs…..If you expose well and only intend your pics for viewing on screen, then jpegs can be perfectly fine….But RAW really does give you so much latitude if your exposure is even slightly off, and should you need/want to print, the difference is like chalk and cheese….
        However…No-one in Shpics Kingdom will tell you off for sticking to jpegs…..’tis your prerogative Mme De M.

      3. janemorley2014

        Thankyou King SH 🙂 I think I may need to start trying it out though as I will need to print so guess I’d better bite the bullet, :/ yet more stuff to learn, I like simplicity in life o_O 😀

      4. janemorley2014

        I only found Lightroom last year after 2 years battling with Pshop and never getting quite what I was after – Lightroom is seriously intuitive – a couple of adjustments of shadows and darks and I’m done – I bet you can’t do that with RAW in Pshop 😥 boohoo 😥

      5. janemorley2014

        ‘Interface’ Sounds like something Captain James T or Mr Spock might say, very seriously whilst wrestling with the Klingon renegades – of course I never watched it that much as a child 🙂 😕 😀

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi cornelia
      Can’t quite believe how much work I’m needing to do…. But it is all quite exciting….
      It was good to have a day off and shoot something just for fun though. You do need to get the balance right.


      1. V-Light

        Are you eating many fried potatoes? I have a friend who thinks that greasy skin is caused from eating too many fried potatoes! hahahaha… He’s either a genius or just adorably stupid 😀

      2. V-Light

        Oh come on! Insecurity crisis hit mr.Shpics? I can’t accept that! It really pisses me off when top-models talk like they even have flaws…tsk tsk tsk…What should we common people say then?

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I wear this mask of insecurity so lesser mortals don’t resent my perfection…….
        I know….. Sensitive AND Empathic, as well as drop dead gorgeous!!….
        No wonder the whole world wants me as it’s Sex-Kitten!

      1. west517

        Hehe 😉 seriously though in skimking the comments I was happy to read your mention of using the RAW format with Photoshop – Personally I enjoy using PS …my persoanl challenge with my images is not to over use it~ Im a graphics designer and also teach it so the temptation is there for me … but I dobso like this set, I wish I was better with photographing cars, moto, etc….. 😦

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hi Westie
        I’m always happy if you’re skimking my contents.
        I think I’m (finally), getting a little more subtle with Pshop. Definitely when I first found it, I was inclined to throw the kitchen sink at every image….
        It’s SUCH a great tool.

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I shouldn’t worry…Adobe seem like they’re in it for the long haul….I don’t think we’ll need to go back to touch-up inks any time soon….
        (Though if ever you should need anything touching up that you’re not happy to do yourself………well, you know….)

  1. tesid2014

    have to admit they are nice photos and i do like the bike,i can just see you and mrs sh wending your way south with her hair blowing freely in the wind and a massive pair of sunspecs on.


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