The day dawned bright and clear!

An absolute shock given the kind of weather we’ve been experiencing of late…So, biting the proverbial bullet, I’ve spent most of the day shooting both black and white and colour film for University projects…By the time I’d finished the rolls, there was no time to go to the campus and do any developing…..Shhhhheeeeeeee-it!

I HATE taking photos and having nothing to look through at the end of the day, so imagine if you will, a speed-blurred out of focus photographer hightailing it back to home base, picking up a DSLR, and hot-footing it to one of his favourite local stamping grounds, JUST in time to catch the last of the sun…Whew!

I wouldn’t get any kudos at uni for these…….’Not very Arty, are they darling?’…..But as hard as I try to get more radical and zeitgeisty, I still rather like a nice sun-set…..Sue me!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. V-Light

    Yay! Black ducks of doom! Great colors by the way! I don’t understand the fascination some people have with b&w, when nature gives you such amazing colors, it’s a crime! For portraits or other stuff i can see it though 🙂


  2. janemorley2014

    I realise this may be more of an incentive than a worry but if you ever get zeitgeisty and art school pretentious I shall stop following you 😀 Nice and atmospheric, I can feel the cold setting in…..


  3. west517

    Well I happen to think them lovely! I particularly like the blue tones of the water against the backdrop of the setting sun….makes me wish I was swimming somewhere just below the sun’s gaze …beautiful 🙂


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