One of the best things about Budapest……’Antique’ shops, (haha), where you can buy junk for pennies.

I’ve never really gotten into Lomography style photography, (I’m an utter snob and the thought of a plastic camera gives me the heebie-jeebies), but when I found a 1987 Lomo Smena Symbol, (the rarest and most sought after of the original Lomo’s) for the Forint equivalent of £2.20, I couldn’t stop myself. It even had a case!!!

Snobbery is all very well, but  it seems a retro-bargain trumps it in the world of Shpics.


Isn’t she beautiful?

Of course she is… But…More importantly….Does she work?

I found out after trawling the internet for some instructions. I used a 200asa Kodak Gold film that was three years out of date, (the camera wont shoot with anything faster), you set the film speed on a tiny dial on the lens, then just pick a symbol that matches the light… Sunny, sunny/cloudy, cloudy, dark, darker……Not exactly state of the art!

I was blown away with the shots…Everything that the LOMO enthusiasts want and more…Vibrant, slightly bonkers colours, light leaks, inadvertent double or even triple exposures…What’s not to like?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.



    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I LOVE my LOMO haha…
      And, just to set your mind at rest, WordPress wont let me reply to your comments on t’other site…..It’s being very naughty!!!
      I think it’s coz they’ve been attached to individual pics, not the page…But who knows? WordPress is a law unto itself.


  1. equinoxio21

    Not bad at all! The forward button even produced an amusing double exposure…
    (My first camera was plastic, a 1960 brownie. Had to sneek into a closet to put the film on. No cartridge yet of course!)


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      hey Cornelia..It really has been very intense towards the submission…I found it much harder than I was expecting.
      BUT, things should calm down a little now and I’ll be able to shoot for fun a little more.
      I hope 🙂


  2. janemorley2014

    Hey sh, Good to find your post (and your message) Really like these and totally adore numbers 25 and 32 – you should have those printed on huge canvases to fill a wall – terrific 🙂


  3. west517

    “retro-bargains” always trump in the west517 world– 🙂 I meant to comment on this set before~ but I’ve been super busy and travelling, so I’m stopping for a visit to leave you a note– these are sublime! Images like these and your witty, giggly stories are two of the reasons your blog is at the very top of my list ❤


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Oh Hey…That is SO nice of you… to be ANYWHERE on your list is great.
      (Just so you know, I’m a bit of a retro-bargain myself…….Though slightly shabby, I’m still relatively functional and, here’s the good part, can be bought for pennies……..)


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