Depending on what you thought of yesterdays post, you might well be glad to know, that while scouring the streets of Budapest, I did have a ‘proper’ camera with me.

The little LOMO Smena was a bit of an unknown quantity, so I made sure that my trusty Nikon, (which, with its lens accoutrements, I calculated roughly would have bought me over 500 of the Smena’s) was always near to hand.

Just as well…Budapest is so photogenic that film costs would have left me destitute…..Film is luvverly stuff but I do like the ‘Shoot And Be Damned’ freedom of digital…

I’ve toyed with the idea of theming a few posts, but do you know what?  I can’t be arsed!

So a first instalment of Budapestian delights, totally random…..I hope they leave you Hungary for more. (snigger).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Ahh…I knew we were in tune, but isn’t having identical imaginary puppet friends slightly weird? If you confirm that Flats clogs are russet and Flocks are marigold, I think I will book myself an appointment with a specialist.

      2. janemorley2014

        All the villages in this neck of the woods seem to end in ‘ac’, Blanzac, Balzac, Jonzac, Pranzac, ….. I would love to find a Prozac amongst them, reckon it would be sleep inducing rather than anything else though 😦 PS Finally got round to posting something myself if you have time to pop in 🙂

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        It would have been a Kwackersacky of either the green or yellow variety…..(I admit to have succumbed to the boring ease of the Japanese motorcycle in the past)…I cant actually remember which trip it was, (there’ve been a few).
        Oh…And don’t forget Cognac…….

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Cheers Chris…Glad you like’em.
      I was lucky with the light while I was in Budapest. Everyday was different, so I got some really intense colours and some atmospheric subdued stuff as well.
      Thanks for commenting.


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