All aboard the Shpics express for another trip to Budapest.

The route is once again a random one…The ever-fabulous Mrs Shpics is one of life’s great organisers, and usually when we’re heading to a new city, (or even one we haven’t been to for a while), she has a detailed schematic, precise to the second, of where we’re going, what we’re seeing, and when we’re seeing it…She has even been known to make his and her wardrobe notes for separate venues on proposed itineraries..(Amazing Creature!)….BUT, for some strange reason, on this particular trip, she was super-chilled, perfectly content to respond to an occasional shove, left or right, forwards or backwards, if I noticed something I might want to point a lens at, and otherwise happy to cluelessly amble around, open-mouthed and ever so slightly dribbly, in awe of the Budapestian splendour….I did have to make sure that large cups of steaming coffee, and family sized portions of sour cherry strudel, were administered at regular intervals, but other than that she was putty in my hands.

Incredibly beautiful, easy to manage, cheap to feed…..She was even happy to carry bits of equipment…

Male readers out there, I’m sorry, I really am…But you’ll never find the perfect wife/photographic assistant combination… I’ve got her, and I’ve had her chipped…(You can’t be too careful).

Anyway, as I was saying, our route was random…

If summat needed snappin’, I snapped it!

Some are film and some are digital, but lets be honest, who gives a shit?


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde




    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The Danube cannot be ignored…Some cities seem to overpower their rivers, but the Danube is having none of it…
      (I’m a trifle sad that the waterfront shot is a bit too ‘woolly’ for my liking……..Full zoom/low light and 55 year old fingers do not a ‘crispy’ make…sob)


      1. janemorley2014

        Blimey sh – you’ve had yet another birthday o_O now you’re older than I am 🙂 As for the woolly waterfront I really like it like that being an artyfarty type n’ all. Particularly like the way you’ve left all that wonderful space in the picture , artful indeed 🙂

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Actually I have around six weeks to go ’til the full 55 is reached, but my fingers obviously haven’t been told…They’re all ready to grab for the pension book….Thank Heavens the rest of me is so pristine and trim.

      3. janemorley2014

        Excellent plan – icing should be at least 2cm thick and pink and white please 🙂 PS I just realised amidst the gloom of the week (not sure if you found my other message but if you do it’ll explain) that these photos are of Budapest – forgive me not paying full attention – I’m in the middle of reading a jolly thriller of my Mum’s based in this very city. Sounds quite a place 🙂

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hey Janey 🙂 Icing will be just as you wish…I’m a dab hand with a sugar pipe.
        Budapest really is worth a visit, dripping in cold-war’ish atmosphere…All mist, bridges, overcoats and homburgs…Knockout.
        Confused about your ‘other message’ comment…can’t find out in any of the places it might be…..Though I hate to think of you gloomy, I am now intrigued.


      5. janemorley2014

        Budapest sounds just my kind of place and Prague too I imagine ! Re ‘other message’ – didn’t want to be too depressing and clutter up your blog with such things – was in reply to yours re extended blogosphere absence – my dearest Mum died last Sunday hence the gloom but today after sending her off with a bit of gentle Brahms 3rd and a favourite 50’s ‘Call me irresponsible’ – heartfelt thanks to Michael Bublé – I am smiling again just as she always was 🙂 🙂

      6. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hi Jane
        I’m so saddened to hear that…. I’d got quite a sense of your relationship with your Mom through your pages and I know there’ll be huge gap in your life.
        My own mum, a cantankerous old vixen if there ever was one, died at exactly this time last year, and I still rarely get through more than a few hours without thinking about her…..But if, (as it seems we’re both lucky enough to be able), you find you do it with a smile on your face, you’re half way there.
        Celebrating a life, not mourning it.
        Bublé ‘s ‘CMI’ will get a spin here in the UK this evening, and we’ll raise a glass or two.

      7. janemorley2014

        Thankyou Stuart! 🙂 I’m lucky to have reminders of her everywhere here and if I feel my smile slipping I’ll play that song – conjures her up perfectly – warm, romantic and impossible to be sad around 🙂 Jane x

  1. suej

    Great variety of images here… I did have to laugh re your male comments on a wife that is ‘cheap to feed’ my late husband used to say I was ‘cheap to run’ as I didn’t run up a huge bar tab!!


  2. scillagrace

    I remember some concrete Soviet buildings on the outskirts of the city, crumbly and much your gritty style….but that was a long time ago. My memory and change make this speculation, I suppose.


  3. west517

    How am I missing all of this Budapestian splendor??!! (wp :((( ) I absolutely adore the image of the tree — I think it was 1517~ the “feel” of the city …I can almost hear the cars 😀 — wonderful.


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