Maybe the only drawback of travel with the wonderful Mrs Shpics, is the impossibility of doing any night-time photography…..I’d be so happy to venture out into the moonlight, for a couple of hours with a tripod and a remote release, seeing another aspect of the places we’ve explored during the day…But, it ain’t gonna happen!

When the sun has left the sky, she simply will not countenance my lifting of a camera… A bottle, a glass, a knife, a fork or a spoon, yes, but a camera, no!

So… the closest I get to night shoots, are late winter afternoons when we head back to the hotel to change for the evening…Sometimes I can draw it out for an hour or so, but when she’s ready for alcohol and waiter service, only a fool would stand in her way.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks so much 🙂 One of those days which started grey, turned even greyer, then went through an extended mucky brown afternoon phase, before shocking everyone with a half hour of intense golds just as the sun went down….
      It was worth the wait.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Just the thought of jigsaws has me in a TOTAL panic…As a child I used to burst into tears as soon as Granny pulled out a jigsaw box….
      SO SO SOOOOOOO stressful….
      (Deep breath Stuart)…(Pull yourself together)…..(whew)…(and another)….(whew)…
      OK I’m alright now,
      BUT….If, after innumerable hours of finger biting and hair-wringing, you find there’s one piece missing, you’ll only have yourself to blame.


      1. scillagrace

        Wow, there’s a memory project in this! Sorry, I loved Grandma’s Pastime Puzzles. We sell vintage ones here and assemble them first so that I can photograph them. I find it quite relaxing and a bit addictive, actually. If you like, you’re welcome to come over for Puzzle Therapy… 😉

  1. west517

    beautiful set 🙂 (like always) ~ but for me, more than the images is the atmosphere that pervades them– I love the color tones –very inviting! 😀


  2. janemorley2014

    Hi sh! Love the first one with the gold relections on the guttering and the brickwork , then the bridge and the shiny metal chimneys. 🙂 I suspect it’s the sort of city you could spend months there and still find new things to photograph. ( PS If you don’t like jigsaws do you like teddy bears?! I have some awaiting a visit 😀 🙂 )


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Have you not seen my Teddy themed comments? WordPress seems to be really playing up, the forums are awash with complaints that comments are going missing……I’m making sure I check the comments Master page on the ‘dashboard’ as that seems the only place not ‘effed’ up by the way they have changed notifications.
      (Let me know if you find it, but if not, I’m giving nowt away to say it was approving 🙂


      1. janemorley2014

        Hello there! Well how weird, can’t find anything atall, not in this daft new ‘Notifications’ section or in the main comments bit – personally I think all this new format is a childish load of old ‘couilles’, looks like something Facebook rejected but there I’m clearly out of date 😦 Ah well I shall have to imagine – hope you were nice about my old teddies 😀

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        How annoying..Both times I’ve done it from the comments box on the original page…Sad..
        Now you’ll never know what Mrs Shpics thought of my very loud Henry Hall-alike version of ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’, or about Ed and Charles, our homosexual bears…A pity, it was all good stuff.

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Nothing tetchier than a pair of youthful Teddy Queens…Luckily, even Charles, who is sixteen years younger than Ed, has now mellowed and we have two very well behaved Grand Old Dames sat (closely together), on the bedroom bookcase……The worst we get these days is a bit of bickering about the theatre….Ed will insist on not sharing his box!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thank you Cornelia……I’m so glad you can see a change in my photos…I’m shooting FAR less frames than I used to and trying to be a lot more controlled.
      I think it’s having started to use film again that has made the biggest difference….The approach has continued in the way I shoot digitally.
      AND yes…Budapest is photo heaven!


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