Another single shot post…….Who’s a lazy little photographist?

I put it down to snow-depression which kicks in big-style every time I look out of the window…AWFUL stuff!

Anyway, even though there’s no way I’m stepping outside to take some snowy pics, I can’t bring myself to sort properly through the last SD card of pics I took in Budapest……So once again it’s a one shot post.

We’re in St Stephens Basilica, Budapest…

It’s dark…VERY dark.

We’re hand holding, with a hangover, and we’ve got light leaks, scratches, AND dust….

Why do I like this so much?


Click it for a bigger, better view.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. west517

    I love all the dramatic details in this!! I like that the light and shadows seem to compliment one another ~ wonderful.


      1. west517

        Me too ~ I do like this much more I think….NOT that BW wouldnt have been beautiful as well 🙂

      2. Lorrin

        Glad you went with color. What was your processing method? I’ve experimented with some lomo actions if you ever want to give them a try.

      3. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Hey Lorrin 🙂
        This was just standard processing in a high street lab then scanned using an Epson V600. It was my first ‘Lomo’ roll… (I was using a Cosmic Smena Symbol I found in a Budapest junk-shop I talked about a few posts ago), so, as yet, I haven’t gotten around to anything more advanced…:-) if advanced is the right word hahaha.
        I’ll definitely be experimenting more…
        I seem to have a ‘retro low-fi’ bug going strong at the moment.
        Any Lomo advice would be very much appreciated.

      4. Lorrin

        Wow, so it is a genuine Lomo image-I mistakenly thought it was a digital processed as Lomo. Very nice work! I’m currently halfway through a roll of Ilford 800 in a plastic kit Rolleiflex-style camera. I look forward to seeing the results! Other than that, I’m a cheater and like to experiment with PS actions. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It was (very) cheap Agfa film but it’s really quite good stuff considering the camera has no meter and you simply set it to one of 5 available light scenarios….With B&W you’d expect that kind of latitude but for colour I think I was really lucky.


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Yes…I think it must be a new feature in WP…but the only way to check if comments have been made is from within the dashboard… You dont get any notifications as far as I can see.
        Bit of a strange set up , but I’m glad I found yours…

  2. V-Light

    I’m afraid that the shadow behind the statue will turn into a mystic crypt and things we don’t wanna know about will start crawling out o_O That’s how amazing your photo is!


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