The weekend saw me take my life in my hands when I ventured forth to Wolverhampton’s famous camera fair…

You’d think it would be a pleasant sort of way to spend a Sunday morning, but No!……In reality, it’s a battlefield!

A seething throng of film hungry, lens-crazed pensioners, fighting tooth and nail over the detritus of a hundred odd years of photographic waste. I’ve never been elbowed quite so viciously, quite so often, by quite so many doddering old relics…One evil old bastard actually clouted my hand with his stick as I reached out for something he obviously wanted for himself…..If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead, you’ll know exactly what it was like.

The place is a Hell-Hole, I kid you not.

I did however manage to pick up a couple of rather spectacular old Carl Zeiss Jena lenses for the Pentacon Six medium format camera I bought at the last fair…..AND I did it without having to resort to biting and gouging!!.

Desperate to give the lenses (180mm Sonnar & 50mm Flektagon), a bit of a try-out, today I trundled over to Birmingham and shot a couple of rolls of expired Fuji Velvia slide film which I then home processed, or rather cross processed, in C41 colour chemistry to give me colour negs.

Cross processing slide film causes all sorts of weird colour aberrations, and the results are almost impossible to predict.

This was the first time I’ve ever done it and I’m really happy with the results.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      A smiley Scillabuddy!!! Yippeeee!!!
      I know I’ve been a very naughty little blogger, haven’t I?.
      Afraid the world has got in the way of late, but rest assured my blog muscles are limbering up for a more extended work-out.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi Cornelia…How’s tricks?
      I HAVE been away a while, far too long, I’ve really missed it!!
      I’ve been shooting A LOT of film and keeping very busy, but the blog has suffered. It won’t happen again 🙂


  1. Sue

    Great to see you back, Mr Shpics of the little black box! I always smile at your prose, and these cross-processed images are a sight to behold 🙂


      1. Sue

        Oh, I see you are sticking with it! Just be sure you. Shield your negs from all that confectionary….

      1. janemorley2014

        Recently bought a little Sony RX100 to carry around all the time, can’t get used to no viewfinder but the lens is a Zeiss and the clarity quite amazing!

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        The no viewfinder thing is a weird one…I never even use the screen on my DSLR, so I know I’d struggle, but I suppose it’s simply a case of getting used to it.
        Those CZJ chappies really do know a bit about lenses though. I just wish my Pentacon Six ones weren’t quite so heavy….I find I’m in need of a surgical support today. 😦

      3. janemorley2014

        It is a little disorientating not having the viewfinder but the little camera really does do it’s stuff brilliantly. As to surgical supports, I’m tempted to make another remark about the Jenas but probably better not………. :/

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Though their size is a little daunting, I can support and adjust both of my Jenas with one hand…..It’s the big shiny thing they’re attached to that is causing me the most problems.

      5. janemorley2014

        Returning swiftly to Zeiss lens, I had a look to see if I could afford one for my Nikon but they start at 800€ and disappeared off over 3,000€ – scary stuff!

      6. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Go the second hand M42 lens route and buy an adapter…you’ll get a full bag of primes for 200 squid. You’ll have to manual focus and (probably) meter separately but the glass will be incredible.

      7. janemorley2014

        Thanks sh I’ll certainly check this out! I always use manual focus anyway but the light metering I’d have to get the hang of ! Ought to know about that too though so I’m off to check the link 🙂

      8. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        It’s possible your meter might still work but it depends on the actual lens….Worst case scenario, if you do need a handheld meter, an analogue one is another very cheap item these days, and there is summat very satisfying about employing gear with a bit of history, and that requires a little application to use.

      9. janemorley2014

        To be sure sh, i just bought a couple of vintage cameras – as props for photos in reality , but it did make me think I’d like to know how to actually use them! (An old Kodak from the 1920’s and a 1930’s Voigtländer!)

  2. Crystal M. Trulove

    I am taken with the results. That cross process is a lot of fun. And good heavens, I find it hard to imagine getting your hand whacked by an elder at a camera fair. One would think aging camera enthusiasts would be more respectable. Or respectful…


  3. west517

    I just love this set!!…rather brooding I’d say– well worth the risk to life and limb~ very nicely done– and happy to see you post againa! 🙂


      1. west517

        …meh–ok~ Life has a way of getting a bit out of control at times- on the up side, I’ve done a bit more modeling –so bonus 😀 …Like you, I’ve been trying to (I think you said it best) warm up my “blogging muscles” and get back to posting– what I REALLY need is a trip to a place with a name as cool as “Wolverhampton…” but…Tahiti would suffice…I suppose…. 🙂 How’s school???

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Tahiti?? Meh!
        Nowhere is quite so cool as Wolverhampton…..Come here and take some pictures…It would be like ‘An American in Paris’, but with less dancing and more knife fights.
        School is in recess, but it transpires I am a genius. 🙂
        p.s. Modelling for what/who? I’ve just checked this months ‘Hot Midgets’ and you’re nowhere to be seen.

      3. west517

        ‘An American in Paris’ 🙂 thats just what I need to spark some inspiration ~ dancing and a few knife fights :))) Its nice to hear your artistic genius is finally getting proper recognition, no doubt your school is on the verge of naming an entire wing after you 😉
        ‘Hot Midgets’ ha! Dont you remember I left them — I found that the overall trollish look didnt suit me well so I moved over to ‘Mini-Babes on Boxes’ or more affectionatley known as MBOB — they offer much better medical insurance, and I dont have to tote an axe or wear a viking helmet 😀 — seriously though I have been doing some shoots for Sunglass Hut and American Eagle – I would like to do a post, but it seems so self centered that I loose my courage just before I hit ‘Publish’…. 🙂 xx

      4. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        MBOB is still my fave of course, but ‘Hot Midgets’ does have a certain risqué charm…. I’ll keep looking in case you reconsider, American Eagle and sunglasses are perfectly fine but axes, duct tape, high waisted chain mail knickers, and cooking oil are more my thing……
        Don’t lose courage..Hit publish 😀

  4. V-Light

    Wooohooo Stuart!!!! 😀 Where have you been? My strudels got cold waiting for you 😛 Wait, that didn’t sound quite right! Well, it’s nice to see a post from you again with rather enjoyable photos! 😀 It seems to me that you are enjoying your experimentations , which is always a good thing! 😀 Cheers!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Alex…GREAT to hear from you!! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than heating up your pastries. :/
      Glad you like the pics….can’t seem to drag myself out of the ‘film’ zone at the moment….Fun, but oh so slow…..


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