I’m currently both a little under the weather, and somewhat snowed under, (weather pun, always a joy), with the written aspect of my university modules, (anyone fancy taking over on my 2.3 zillion word dissertation on developments in Post War Japanese photography? No, I thought not), so taking photographs hasn’t really been an option.

I have however managed to have a bash at printing some of my recent work in preparation for an off site group exhibition that myself and a student colleague are curating for a January showing. If anyone is in the Birmingham UK vicinity between the 16th and 21st of January, pop along to THE WORKS GALLERY on the third floor of Jubilee Works, 130 Pershore Street, Birmingham B5 6ND, for a resounding smack in the face of all that’s best and brightest in new photography in the ‘F17 PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION’….

I’ve found that my selection/editing process is bearing some strange new fruit. These images seem different to the earlier work in my ‘Detached territories’ project in a way I’m yet to fully understand.

As ever let me know what you think.

Give’em a click and GET GRAINY!

  1. tesid2014

    mnn,different.quite like the drain pipe not sure about the hairy one.not keen on the lights but really like the mosaicy graffiti one.shame you couldn’t colour pop the heart on it.make it banksy lol


      1. equinoxio21

        “Ô rage, ô désespoir, ô vieillesse ennemie…”
        O rage, o despair, o my old age enemy”.
        (Corneille) Don’t worry mate, we all go on accumulating little or large pains here and there. Keep hopping, said the Frog.

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