Another of the Mini Exhibition series I’m posting specifically to generate feedback before making too many decisions about putting my final degree show together.

This series was selected and sequenced by my painter/sculptor friend, Nicholas Wright, who swears he has never taken a photograph in his life and that he never wants to. I’m not sure if I believe him one hundred percent, but his hatred of the medium,(his words not mine), seemed to make him rather an interesting choice as guest curator.

I gave him a file of one hundred images to work with. He had this to say:

“This group of ten seem somewhat less self obsessed than your recent exhibition. I can’t imagine you putting some of these together…. they fight a bit more”


What was interesting for me was the high proportion of shots that might be considered of ‘natural’ subjects. I’ve found when I’ve been editing/selecting images myself, I’ve produced series where images of the natural world, if present at all, have acted as occasional accents, among a far greater number of images of the man-made world. Here in Nicks exhibition the two seem to be consciously balanced in some way.

I’m not sure if this approach adds anything to the mix or whether the narrative, if indeed one remains, is simply muddied.

It would be interesting to know what others think so please let me know, I really do appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

    1. tesid2014

      ok here goes, 26 long lost youth in sticky carpet disco,31 80,s glass doors to brighten an edwardian gloom,21,i really like and wonder why there were so many grills,24 nice bit of decay,23 lumpy straw mattress,25 a bientot,the rest do nothing to hit a button i’m afraid.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi there….I think mood is a real factor when both taking AND viewing images. These are certainly dark images from a physical point of view, but to me at least they remain quite positive, even up-lifting in a way……But I am a bit peculiar. haha 😀
      Thanks for commenting, it’s always great to see you here. 🙂


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Close but no cigar..haha…The area I live in the UK is pretty much in the middle, so it’s called the Midlands…But historically it was the industrial centre of England, and the smoke and soot from all of the foundries and smelting works gave rise to the name ‘The Black Country’…….It is still pretty grim even now 😀

      2. equinoxio21

        Thank you. It was nice. We had a sunday lunch at the new house with old friends, their daughters, ours, siginficant others, and a bunch of grandchildren running around everywhere. 🙂

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