The third of my Mini Exhibition series.

I’m producing a physical photobook as an alternative to carrying a portfolio. I’m thinking that having something that is project specific, as opposed to a wider ranging, umbrella style, portfolio, will be a far more successful method of displaying the work to curators/galleries when negotiating exhibition space.

Just click the (rather large) link below to see an online mock-up. It opens in the same window so simply hit return to come back to this page and WordPress.

The actual book, which I’ve called ‘As Something Is To Nothing’, will be linen bound in black, printed full bleed in landscape format, 390mm x 290mm, on heavy weight, gloss paper stock.


It would be great to know what you think.

  1. scillagrace

    I felt that your final words and the Schopenhauer quote was very helpful in putting the images into a conceptual context, and I tend to feel uncomfortably unmoored without that kind of thing. For me, I might prefer to have that up front before I view the specific “somethings”.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I did rather’Um and Ahh’ about where to shove that 😀 … But, (and don’t take this personally), I rather like the idea of you, or anyone else with the patience to persevere to the last page, uncomfortably unmoored.
      I’m still myself, on more occasions than I’m really comfortable admitting, adrift while I’m engaging with this project, and, though Schopenhauer is FAR too much the nihilist for me, the quote does chuck out a rope and help to ground me when I’m thinking I might never see the safety of the beach again….I content myself with the observation that, unmoored and adrift, you never know what the next wave might chuck up on yer poopdeck.
      Anyway, enough maritime wordplay for now, I’m off to splice me mainbraces or summat.


      1. scillagrace

        The experience of being unmoored, like many uncomfortable things, is quite valuable, actually. It makes good sense to illicit that intentionally in Art (as Nietzsche would say, lest we perish from the Truth).

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