A recent trip to Almeria, just a few short weeks before restrictions on movement, found me, (in my sober moments at least), shooting monochrome Fomapan 400 on an old but much loved Pentax LX. The lenses in my bag were a 50/1.4, 28/2.8, and 135/2.5.

It was the first time I’d used 35 mm film for a few months, and the first time I’d used this actual camera since moving permanently to Spain some two years ago, so it was a great opportunity to simply relax, forget about what I might subsequently do with any of the photographs, and shoot whatever I liked the look of.

Some of the shots were taken at box speed, but others were pushed to 800, 1600 and even on a couple of occasions 3200, as I fully intended to develop using Rodinal stand development and knew from past experience that stand devved Fomapan gives lovely granular tones across the board.

So less natter, and a few shots I quite like….



  1. Helen Cherry

    How absolutely wonderful to see a post from you Stuart, after about 3 years! You must be bored!

    You’ve made it a good post too. Bravo!

    I barely posted for a couple of years but started my 2nd 366 ( leap year) on the 1st January.. ( Yipes! last one was in 2012 )

    Keep safe and post more !



    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yes, it has been awhile….However I have had some red baseball caps produced by crying slave children living in cramped and unsanitary squalor with the slogan ‘Lets Make The Blogosphere Great Again’ so felt I really had to post something. I’m toying with the idea of continuing as I’m thoroughly fed up of face book as a way of disseminating my rubbish and nonsense. We’ll see ……… Truth be told I hadn’t even looked in wordpress for a good two years but I’m glad to see you’re still at it. I do like a bit of stamina in a woman! πŸ˜‚


  2. scillagrace

    Oh, gee, the old gang is back! Mr. Hyde, Ms. Cherry, and me. Good to know we’re all still in the land of the living. And you, sir, in Spain – Congratulations! I do love your signature aesthetic, the monochrome, the grain, and all. Hope to see more!


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Well if you were Thelma who were we? (For me say anything other than Scooby himself and I will be inconsolable)…. And I didn’t know you FB’ooked, I use it a lot since moving to Spain. How do I find you ?

  3. Sue

    Well, I nearly fell over when I saw this in my Reader! Great to see mono images from you again, love that old jetty…Take care, stay safe


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