JAN 31 Guess Its Over..Call It A Day..Sorry It Had To End This Way.

JAN 30 What No Man Should Be Without!

JAN 29 What A Grey Day…(or)…Moody Monochrome Midland Meanderings..

JAN 28 The Trees Are Not What They Seem…….

JAN 27 The Wet Stuff

JAN 26 Vamp It Up!

JAN 25 Rosy Posy

JAN 24 God You’re Beautiful..NOW GIVE ME MORE COFFEE!

JAN 23 No Parking..No Stopping..No Entry.. NO WAY!

JAN 22 Manga Killa Babe Assasin!

JAN 21 Temptation & The Nutter!

JAN 21 Bolognese Source.