art19webWandering through the backstreets of Granada don’t be surprised if you turn a corner to find some exotic looking, hoity toity bint stamping her feet and twirling her skirts….It happens all the time.

art13webWhile around the next corner you’ll probably happen upon some old dear, well past her prime, absolutely legless, leaning against a wall for support.

art20webThe last in todays trio of Spanish ladies of the street, is always a little more difficult to find…

No ! Wait! There she is! Down at the end of the alley…Hiding because she doesn’t want to be seen with her hair in curlers and a plastic bag on her head!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. alexander johnny

    Love me some good street art. Not to mention street photography. It’s how I got my start in the field. Thanks for checking out my blog and the photo challenge buddy. Great work on here. Vibrant and honest. Keep it up. Be well. Alexander Johnny


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Alex…thanks so much for the ‘like’ and even more so for taking the time to comment…Really nice of you!
      Good luck with your photo challenge, enjoy Denver, and wherever else your lens points…..
      Breathe deep dude.


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