Rain and high winds are lashing the UK so, being a bit of a pillock, it seemed to me a fine time to go to the beach….

Mrs Shpics packed sandwiches, choccy bars and a whistle for attracting attention, and, well before dawn, we pointed the charabanc in the general direction of Wales, and burned rubber.

It was the first time I’ve shot seascapes on anything other than a calm and sunny day and, hand on heart, the start of the day was more than a bit of a balls-up…..A good half of the frames I took were completely useless as I hadn’t realised my lens had very quickly become covered in spray….What a dozy bastard! I really should wear my glasses.

Still, there were a few successful frames before my polarizer disappeared under a layer of salt…


These two were amongst the first shots of the day, taken at Aberystwyth on the coast of mid Wales.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Me too..BUT, I can understand why they’re not one of the most common subjects.
      Apart from my poor lens looking like it had had an olive oil bath followed by a dunking in salt, within two minutes I was soaked from the knees down, my fingers were blue with cold, my nose had run and frozen into my moustache AND I had sand in my ears !!! HOW do you manage to get sand in your ears ????
      It’s all worth it if you like the shot Tanya 🙂


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      VERY infrequently…Occasionally one washes up dead on a beach, and the Welsh will shuffle out of their caves and have a party, pissed on Whale fat and blubber sandwiches.. 🙂

      Though very small Wales has some VERY beautiful countryside, so if that sort of thing ticks your nieces boxes she will be very content, BUT, I’m afraid to say, pretty much without exception, the towns and their inhabitants, are absolutely and utterly bloody awful !
      Both drab and grey, it’s the land that civilisation seems to have missed completely…..Communication is best avoided but if completely necessary, is by way of mono-syllabic grunts and shrugs…
      SO, I do hope she gets the chance to spend some time in England while she’s here….That way she may get to see at least a few smiling faces and have an opportunity for speech.
      SO…That’s her Christmas ruined!
      My work here is done.

      Have a luvverley Christmas Scilla
      Love to you and yours.


      1. scillagrace

        Oh, come on now. Bryn Terfel is from Wales, and his communication is gorgeously civilized! (Yeah, I saw him on the Big Screen, singing Wotan, broadcast live from the Met.) I’m sure Cristina will be venturing into England to glance at her ancestral home. (Capt. Heigho of the Essex constabulary was my great-great grandfather. Legend has it he killed a man in a pub and fled to America.) Christmas is far from ruined by your humbuggery, dear! I am cooking a standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding for my children on Saturday and serving mince pie for dessert. Merrie England be blessed, as cold and grey and dismal as it may be, it is warmly ensconced in me heart! As are you, my friend!

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Call that a legend?
        EVERYONE in Essex has killed at least one person in a pub !!!
        (However, not everyone is called Heigho…Credit where credit is due !)

        Christmas wise, the vibe has infiltrated even the dank and gloomy halls of Shpics mansions..
        The lady of the house is currently frotting a largish cockerel with all manner of spices from the old Empire….We’re avoiding tradition in so far as menu is concerned, but not in so far as missing the opportunity for a major pig out….There’s no flies on us !
        SO…Empire Roasted Fowl with Bombay style roasted potatoes, swimming in a cinnamon and clove gravy…Yipppeeeee!
        p.s. It is likely my pages may very soon go a little quiet for a few weeks…An adventure is nigh….Photos will tell the story as soon as I can post’em
        Once again..Happy holidays and the Fabbest of years.

  1. Helen Cherry

    Marvellous again Stuart… and Happy New Year to you.. though I cannot entirely agree with you about Wales.. I have met some really lovely people on the several times I’ve been there …


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