Each time I visit WordPress these days it seems to be with an excuse for why it’s been so long since the previous post, and GOD!! I know it gets repetitive…Drives me up the wall when others do it, so I just need to bite the bullet and admit that on occasion I’m a lazy good fer nuthin blogging twonk. That’s it!, end of!, subject closed!….

Now that I am here, I thought I’d seize the opportunity to flag up what I’m currently doing.

My final year of a BA Photography degree has just kicked off and I’m feverishly shooting for a project poles apart from anything I’ve done before. Since starting the course I’ve almost exclusively shot on colour film with medium format cameras. None of the fast snap happy digital work that was exactly what this blog was intially about, rather a slow and methodical approach to photography that’s been quite technically driven. Some stuff I’ve been reasonably happy with but a lot, (rather too much), has been about as exciting as nude macrame., and between you and I Dear Reader I felt I needed a bit of a kick up the arse.

Consequently for my final projects I’ve chucked out the medium format cameras, left the digital gear languishing in the cupboard for another year and bought a somewhat ancient, super cheap, fixed lens Olympus XA 35mm film camera and a fridge, (full to the eggbox), of monochrome film.

Plans are to shoot like a dervish. A free-wheeling, fast-spinning, speedy shutter-clicking, leave your brain behind, ‘if it moves photograph it’, leave no stone un-turned, thirty films a day, photo-bonkers,kinda dervish, and given that, what better place to shove some of the images than here at shpics?

Joking aside, I’m hoping that my existing WordPress pals, and anyone else who stumbles on this stuff, might take the time to give me a little feedback. This material is likely going to be very different than what has been posted in the past, and like with everything that has been here before, I always love to hear what you think of it.

The project has no over-arching theme or concept, I’m merely aiming to produce a random and subjective visual document of myself and my environment. To produce images which act as ‘detached fragments of reality’, with their own irreversible materiality. My mood might be every bit as important as whatever I find myself in front of, and yet both of these things might be completely irrelevant when compared to chance. It will only really be apparent at the selection and editing stage whether the project is any more than the sum of it’s (planned), many parts.


p.s. Anyone out there who does enjoy nude macrame, I really didn’t mean to give offence, it’s just not my cup of tea,

  1. Sue

    Great composites, Stuart, I especially like the first and last, very emotive. The second one doesn’t do it for me, looks like an accident that failed… There, you did ask! And good to see you here, I had been wondering how it was going…as for Nude Macrame, could be a load of b******s for all I know


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Sue, great to hear from you, and glad you like (at least some of them haha)…They’re not composites though, or double exposures..All are single images using reflections and/or layers of glass…
      And knowing nowt nude macrame-wise is not a bad thing in my book…..


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I like those characters across the face as well… Probably more exciting because you and I don’t know what they mean…. It would kinda ruin it if it’s an advert for colonic irrigation or pest control or support tights….. I hope for the sake of my Chinese visitors that it means something cool ☺


      1. west517

        Kippers…. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know what that is… I’m quite sure it isn’t the cartoon dog my niece loves 😀 Do tell- is it edible?

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        A matter of opinion, just the thought is enough to induce nausea in some people, but I rather like’em…. A kipper is a smoked herring, and to my mind the breakfast of champions, however should you ever try one, do not, I repeat do not, plan anything of a romantic nature for at least 24 hours… Your breath will be like a hot wind across a trawlers deck. 😥

      3. west517

        Smoked herring– I’ve never had it – only seen it at the market 🙂 Sounds adventurous but I tend to be a little leery romance inhibiting foods that cause my breath to be like a hot wind…breakfast of champions you say? I was SURE that was OATMEAL!! lol It’s one food that’s sure not to interfere with a little romance 😉

  2. equinoxio21

    Nude macramé? Perish the thought. 🙂
    Now that I have read the “Final project” I am reassured. Pff. Sigh of relief.
    I like those last photographs. There is an eerie, oniric dimension to them. Good work, and a nice week-end to you.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks Brian, I’m glad you’re finding some catch up time, never good when days seem short on hours. I’ve been shooting some more for the project so will post something up in the not too distant future, it will be interesting to see if a different city creates a different mood, but if I get eerie and dreamlike, (had to look Oneiric up😉), I’ll be happy…. Be well mate.


  3. aliciarombos

    I absolutely love the first and the last ones. The fact you can’t see her eyes adds intrigue to the image. Maybe the second one could work alone, on its own, as it doesn’t really match with the series.

    I’m using an Olympus XA too. It’s the only camera I have that it’s actually mine (not borrowed or stolen from my grandmother’s house). I bought it second hand and it’s flawless. It’s great to see what others draw out from that small camera.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi..Glad you like the images and how fantastic to hear from another XA convert….I bought mine specifically for this project as I’d been shooting medium format for quite a while, and it hooked me straight away though…A truly fantastic little machine.


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