I’m still spending a lot of my time thinking about all things exhibition ….

The body of photographic work I’m producing in this final year of my degree is growing exponentially, and, with the final degree show looming ever larger on the horizon, I’m needing to reach some conclusions about what form the outcome might finally take.

I’m shooting constantly. The same, simple Olympus XA loaded with Fomapan 400 goes with me everywhere, and the sheer amount of images is becoming more and more of a factor. It’s interesting how a project that is so much about exploring instinctive and intuitive methods of taking of photographs in unplanned, almost unconscious ways, is now forcing me to think long and hard about selection and editing. (That’s editing in the traditional sense of course, as ‘Mono-Maniac Grainy Film Evangelist’ that I seem to have become, all images are simple neg scans).

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that if I’m to have any chance of arriving at what might be considered some sort of satisfactory final outcome, the editing and selection process is going to be equally as important as the initial photography.

What has been really useful to date, has been the feedback I’ve received, both from within the pages of this blog, and from people I’ve spoken to at the physical exhibitions of the work that I’ve shown. The opinions and ideas of others, have often clarified things that I was struggling to get a handle on, and have helped me immeasurably in formulating methods to proceed with the project…I’m hoping the same might be true in working out a practice for putting my final degree show together.

To that end I’m going to post a series of gallery style blogs over the next few weeks that will act as mini exhibitions. Some will have images I’ve chosen carefully, others will be randomised, Β while some will (hopefully) be selections by industry contacts, (need to break out my charm), and some will be chosen by my peers.

This is the first of these mini exhibitions and I’m really hoping that you might take time to respond. Positives, negatives, impressions, evaluations… ANYTHING ANYONE has to say is absolute gold-dust and it’s impossible to say how much I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for reading πŸ˜€ here are the images:

  1. tesid2014

    mnn interesting collection,some of the images give me the impression of a seedy holiday,10/4/7/9 nostalgia 8 ghosts 5 light at the end of the tunnel 2,marriage is over 6 freedom 3 number 1 doesn’t give me anything
    well that’s my opinions anyway


  2. corneliaweberphotography

    Hi Stuart, nice to see you back here, I remember all your posts from a few years ago, as very strong and expressive. Are you shooting real B&W film? The image with the white cloth hanging down inside an old building is my favorite, it is very story telling.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi Cornelia, great to hear from you…Yes, all shot on film, I’ve stuck to film for all of the work I’ve done during my degree course, though I do still shoot digital for commercial work.
      That particular shot is quite evocative for me as well…I’m glad you like it. πŸ˜€


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