Well, here I am again…Two days running after a good few years of blog avoidance, I must have eaten something.

Or maybe it’s my amazement and delight at hearing from some of my blogging buddies after yesterdays quite perfunctory post. It’s so nice that anyone remembers me and my blog at all, given that it was ninety percent gibberish, eight percent gobbledygook, one percent drivel, with just the occasional nice little piccy thrown in to make up the numbers. Anyway, waffle aside, how nice to re connect with chums, and, at the same time, maybe continue to show some pics of what I’m currently up to. Daft not to carry on really.

So! A few more shots from Almeria.

These are from the partial ruins of the Alcazaba that rise above the city. I’m in no doubt, that as a photographic destination, Almerias often overlooked Moorish fortress knocks the much more famous Alhambra of Granada into a cocked hat. In fact I’ll fight anyone who argues…It’s free to get into, often deserted AND positively exhudes atmosphere. In fact you’ve probably already seen a fair few bits of it, in-between all the bouncing boobs, oiled chests and dragons of  ‘Game Of Throwns’, a lot of filming took place here.

Sadly, I have to report there was no fleshy jiggling to be found anywhere during last months visit, believe me I looked. But, that disappointment aside, I did spend a happy few moments wandering, all Pentaxed up, around the fountains and water gardens…..(Mrs Shpics, who was present in her usual equipment carrying, and food and beverage providing role, asked yesterday whether I was going to post a photo of the pond!!!! The POND!!????, Honestly!!)

Technical mumbo jumbo follows:

Pentax LX, 50mm 1.4, 28mm 2.8, 135mm 2.5, Fomapan 400 stand developed in Rodinal. Scanned on Epson V600.

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