(Actually I wasn’t referring to the bridge, though it does look a bit the worse for wear.)

Things are once again manic in the world of SHpics….No time for romance….so certainly no time to shoot new pics!

Luckily there were a bunch of shots taken on my last trip that were still to be uploaded to the hard drive and I’ve spent a while getting them ready to post instead.  These were just standard raw files but I’ve attempted to give them a slightly HDR type of look..(Unfortunately my computer won’t handle true HDR work, its almost as antiquated as I am), but by toning and level adjustment I’ve managed to get an approximation of the crisp, high contrast feel I was trying for.

Its not a look that I think works with many types of image, but for this subject I reckoned it was worth a bash and I’m relatively happy with the results.

Now you must forgive me as I am going to devote the rest of ‘Feb Fourteen’ to fawning at the feet of the Love Goddess, Mrs SHpics.

(click on any image to see full screen).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde..

Shot on Nikon D5000/Sigma 18-250

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Never..Never let it be said that I am in any way predictable…….Oh No!….I live my life on the turn of a card, the spinning of a wheel, the roll of the dice, the crumbling of the cookie….I laugh in the face of predictability..
      Second ones my favourite….
      (and the romance is there….It’s just a bit of a hidden subtext…………)


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