frost4webCelebrations in the world of SHPics……

Term-time has ended, and the ‘Super A’ student Mrs SHPics has packed up her pencil case and permitted us a return to civilisation for a few weeks….(This is, of course,  on the understanding that I will continue to function as her personal assistant/unpaid slave/head cook and bottle-washer, while she takes it somewhat easier for the festive season)……

So its bye-bye farm and the wilderness lifestyle we’ve been enjoying for the last few months, and back to bricks and mortar, central heating, and personal hygiene…Yippeee!

It also means of course, that I’ll have internet access so will be able to whack up a few photos…..maybe not as many as I would like as my laptop has shuffled off its mortal coil and I will be having to borrow a machine, but fingers crossed..

Todays post gives you an idea of some of the diabolical weather that we have been ‘enjoying’ ……

Severe frosts…..Night time temperatures of minus five…..and thats without the wind-chill factored in…..

frost10webStill, I suppose it looks kinda pretty…..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    Kinda pretty indeed. Love the blue-green-silver palette, very solitary and calm…listening to solo cello at the moment and it fits quite nicely…
    Welcome back; enjoy a warm bath, a hot toddy, syllabub, posset or nog!


  2. Helen Cherry

    ahhh lovely and I join Scillabud in welcoming you back into the fold minus sheep ( although I’ve posted some while you’ve been gone!
    What IS MrsShpics studying that required you to live in the back of beyond??


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Wotcha C-Bomb..
      I’ve not actually quite made it back yet …At least this gives Mrs SHPics ample time to get the central heating turned up to eleven, warm my slippers, bake a cake and decant summat fruity…She is no doubt stringing bunting as we speak.
      AND..regarding your posts, though I’ve been unable to comment I have seen pretty much all of ’em, (though only on a tiny screen)… my humble opinion you should consider taking up photography as a hobby as you seem to be getting better……


  3. tanya ellis

    what a wimp lol.looking forward to the frosty photo’s then i can change my wallpaper from al.are you going back after xmas?


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