The daily school run, during which ace student Mrs Shpics sings along to pop music, chews bubblegum, tells me about the ‘hot guys’ in her class and demands money for lunch, involves a drive through the currently much moister than usual village of Islip…..
These shots are all in and around Lower Street….
Wellies are a must and you really need to watch your step or it would be ‘ I slipped in Islip’…too corny for even this blog…
Like yesterday, all photos taken, processed and blogged using my telephone….the rather splendid Samsung Galaxy S2…




All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    Misty, mossy green…love the first shot especially with the reflections. But it’s February! I’m slipping on ICE over here! Went down, slowly and gracefully, on the driveway slope yesterday and ended up feeling it melting through my jeans. Steve went down, all 6 feet 2 inches, on the stairs with a huge box in his hands, landed on his back and lost his keys in the bushes. You need Wellies, we need crampons!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The most recent floods are meltwater so we have had our fair share of ice lately…. Luckily I have the natural grace of a snow leopard/mountain goat hybrid so rarely tumble…. (this incidentally gives me great insight into the dangers….and I’m sorry to have to point this out, but….Very tall gentlemen sporting wind-whipped ponytails carrying boxes AND keys up ice encrusted stairs are simply asking for trouble..) I hope he received chastisement not sympathy…

      Female slippage, especially slow and graceful slippage, is another thing entirely …..poor you!

      Sent from Stuart Hyde on my Samsung Galaxy on O2


      1. scillagrace

        In truth, he was going DOWN those stairs, not up, which is asking even more trouble. Got the wind knocked out of him. What he received was neither chastisement nor sympathy, really. I showed up, noticed he was conscious, told him I’d let him assess his injuries while I picked up our packages out of the snow before they got soaked. In a ‘crisis’, I prefer to be practical and not hover in sympathy. That can add insult to injury. ‘Course, later on, when he feels like declaring “I almost DIED!”, I can turn on all the sympathy he can stand. šŸ˜‰

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        You picked up the packages?…

        I thought Mrs Shpics was the Tough-Love Top-Dog but that’s something….

        Anyway…I’m glad nothing was broken.. (and that Steve is OK of course)…

        Sent from Stuart Hyde on my Samsung Galaxy on O2

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