Your intrepid hero spent the early part of the day adventurously prowling the mean streets of Nottingham.

Arriving by motorbike, I’d been limited in my choice of camera gear. Both the Mamiya medium format and Pentax 35mm film SLR were grudgingly left on their respective shelves, and I had nowt but my digital Nikon D5000.

If you’ve read any of my most recent posts you’ll know I’ve been turning my nose up at it a little, but given that I had no plan for what I might find myself shooting it seemed like a sensible choice.

The photo I’ve used as the header was the first of the day. Rising directly behind the bay where I parked, it struck me with its Diagono-Criss-Crossy-Straight-Liney vibe…

So….Needing at least a semblance of a plan, I decided to see what I could shoot over the next couple of hours that followed its lead.

I went ‘Looking for Lines’.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. suej

    Love that first shot…I’m a sucker for abandoned/decaying etc and the straight Limey criss crossly vibe with the shadows just adds to the effect….drool


  2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    Well of course I am glad you like it….
    But I don’t really approve of drooling here on my pristine pages…
    Think of the next person to visit having to circumnavigate all of your spittle.. Simply not nice!
    Show some restraint.


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